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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini haul from Priceline

couldn't resist! my new phone. Sony Ericsson X10! i waited a whole week to get this phone.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people now know I never stop buying, it’s a matter of trying to restrain myself and I know that never last very long. Hopefully I will be too busy to be buying anymore stuff for a little while.

However I’m always here to share some new stuff I purchase. This time round may not be the nice expensive stuff, but affordable cosmetics that many uses and are very common. My most recent haul consists of 13 items purchased during a sale at Priceline. That’s right they’re what a lot of people would consider as drugstore products.

I came home with 8 items from Boujoris alone and I can say one thing. I hardly have any of their products. The only one I can think of from the top of my head is a green eyeshadow that I picked up somewhere in the bargain basket. Well these items were all purchased because I think everything was 50% off. There were heaps of people crowding the display of it in Priceline that I had to squeeze in to pick up the random bits. I hate crowds when it comes to testing makeup, so everything was quick and simple. Didn’t want to stay in the crowd too long, who knows maybe I might have picked up more if I did.

First off are 3 of their single eyeshadows and I know for a fact I love their packaging. So cute yet simple and their little applicator is a cutie too even though I never use them. I picked up #17 Prune Intense, #92 Gris Pallettes and #16 Ambre Nude. I’ve changed the ways I do my swatches now, so I hope the way I do them now is more of a use than the way I used to. I do two sets of swatches, one naturally without a base or primer and one with a base or primer. Currently I was using Estee lauder eyeshadow base. I find the base provides another view of how vivid the eyeshadows can show up when applied to the eyes that is primed.

I also picked up a pencil, tho I have to admit I’m not sure how it really works. Effet Smoky #73 Deep green is a gorgeous colour without a doubt (see swatch photo). However is it a liner? It has a brush on the other end supposedly used to give you a smoky effect when you smudge it? I think I’ll have to look it up on how to really use this. I was only planning to use it as a eyeliner, but learning how to smudge and make it looks nice sounds like a good plan for me.

Effect 3D Lip glosses in #61 Rose Acidule and #62 Rose gold was the two colours that appealed to me the most at the time. There were 3 other hands grabbing the glosses while I went for them as well. I was actually quite annoyed that some of the ladies were opening the brand new sale items to test them when visibly there was a tester available only they couldn’t be stuffed waiting for someone else to finish with it. How dirty and rude is that? I had to really grab them quick, the ones that were still sealed. The clean untouched ones were not easy to get a hold of and it is the first time I’ve seen people so rude. No one will buy those opened and used products now; I wonder how much loss they make because of a sale like this. The lip glosses in my point of view were a bit thick, sticky as well but the colours were beautiful. They didn’t really all that bad but didn’t smell very nice either so I don’t’ have a problem with that.

Anyway getting along, I picked up two things in the Clubbing product line of Bourjois. Eye liner in absolute black and mascara volume in absolute black as well. There was no tester for either and so I had to take a risk. Had no clue what the brushes were like and had no idea of the consistency or texture of the products. The liner is all good, the typical liner, but it was definitely very black! However it felt rather wet, so I’m worried it would take longer to dry compared to other liquid liners. The mascara however is the second shock in my most recent purchases. Like last time I was disgusted with the Rimmel 1-2-3 look, this time round is no better! I completely scrunched my face up and I really couldn’t help it at all! The wand was oozing with mascara. A major overload of the product and not something I want to be applying to my lashes. I couldn’t help myself, I did a quick light dab onto my hand and look at how much product was on that wand!

Last Bourjois product was actually a powder brush, well to me it was a kabuki styled brush. Something I needed because I’m supposed to have one but for some odd reasons it decided to disappear. I search high and low and everywhere, but I couldn’t find it so I was a bit upset. Since this one was cheap I thought I just buy one to substitute for now, until I find a better one at a decent price. Very soft bristles and it doesn’t scratch the face so I like using it to powder my face after foundation.

Let’s move on from Bourjois, I’ve done enough review for them for the time being. I bought 2 Australis palettes. Would have bought more if I had the chance but I can’t believe how empty the displays were. People must love this brand because these two were the best ones and they were both the same price. Automatically anyone would think the 4 colours one was more worth it.

Out of the blue is a 3 colour palette and I’m sorry I forgot to do swatches for them. No wonder why I couldn’t find the photo for it. They’re the exact same texture as Choc-a-block, which I did do swatches from. Silky and smooth, is love. Easy to apply and easy to blend. Definitely worth going back for some more.

The last two items I bought was just two brushes by Manicare, from their Artiste Professional collection. They weren’t on sales, I don’t think they ever are and I think it was because no one was crowding around them so I ended up there. #17 stippling brush is really soft, but not very dense so I’m not sure how well it’ll work out. #19 Contour brushes, which is very dense yet the bristle are very soft as well. They did have a smell to it and I think it just the chemical smell so I washed them when I got back home. Now they are disinfected and smell beautiful ready for me to use.

Well that’s the end of the mini haul, hope you guys enjoyed it and hope it helped.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and i don't get paid to fo reviews. I purchased all products mentioned with my own money.


  1. bummer bout the bourjois clubbing mascara,i have such high hopes for it,what do you on a regular basis for mascara?

  2. i know, i had high hopes for it before but when i pulled it out and saw what it looked like and how much product was on it i didn't even dare put that on my lashes!
    i use a couple of mascara on a regular basis. Maybelline volume mascara (Yellow tube one, Maybelline great lash mascara (I like this one quite a bit), Chi chi 3D mascara.


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