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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Glamorous FOTD #2 and new hair colour

Dropping in once again with another post, however I feel I should drop in more often.  Then again I wear a lot of neutrals so nothing really exciting to show.  I might for some EOTDs in my spare time to share so hopefully I'll get inspired soon to do some.  I've being working on some stuff so that's probably why I'm not around as much as I should.

Anyway Last weekend on Saturday I got my hair coloured because my favourite Hairdresser was leaving :(  I'm so sad because I loved her so much the way she styled me.  She was such a sweetie and she always listens and suggests things when you get stuck not knowing what to do.  I had no idea what I was really doing that day because when I got the news she was leaving I had to call in just to make an appointment.  Saturday was her last day and I was her last client!

Anyway that morning I woke up and I didn't know what I was doing.  The day was nice with no rain and the sun was shininy, but it was still a little breezy so I had to wear a cardigan to keep warm.  I was browsing through the blog list on my blogger and catching up with some reading when I came across a colour combination I loved!

I was reading "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

and Miss Krystle had done a looke inspired by Katy Perry.  I've seen this look but I've never really thought about wearing it.  It's a look that Katy Perry rocked, with the purple on the lid and the green on the lower lash line.  The blogger was gorgeous and the look suited her so well that I had to try it.

It wasn't easy for me since I possess asian eyes so I don't have that double eyelid fold (bummer), but of course it meant I would have to improvise and work around to get it to suit my eye shape.

Mine didn't turn out as dramatic since I was going to the hair salon, but I loved the colour combination and it was certainly something different wear than my usual neutrals/browns.

Here how mine turned out....

Katy Perry inspired look that I saw on Miss Krystle's blog
Improvised to suit my eyes :p

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School work

Hey guys,

To find out who won the Sigma F80 giveaway see the post previous to this one :)

Anyway I said I would share my school work so I'm hear to tell you guys I've already posted them up already.

This is the design of the face chart I did for the final assessment for my last course (Advanced Makeup).

Face Chart design for final assessment

Please check out this post on my other blog to see some photos of the practise session as well as the final day.  However the pro photos haven't arrived yet so I won't be sharing those until I get them from the photographer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sigma F80 Brush Giveaway Winner!!!!!!


Back with a post to tell you guys who ended up winning the Sigma F80 brush!

Thanks everyone for entering and I'm close to 200 followers so I'll start hauling a little for my personal giveaway.

Anyway..... *Drum rolls*

Congratulations to

make-me up!!!!  @

You are my lucky random winner that picked.

I've emailed you so please email me back  asap by Wednesday 12am.  Otherwise another winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks guys and stay tuned for more post soon :D

Have an awesome week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Giveaway ending tonight!!!! *CLOSED*


The Sigma F80 Brush giveaway is Officially closed now and I will be selecting a winner at random soon.

Hey guys the Sigma F80 brush i'm hosting at the moment is ending tonight!  12am Australian Western Standard time so enter if you haven't so!!!

Please click on this link to reach the Giveaway!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Glamorous FOTD


Back again with another FOTD and this time i used Still Glamorous Pigments for my eyes.

It was a really gloomy, rainy & windy day yesterday but I had to brighten up my day with some nice vibrant colours :)

Chi Chi Twist of Colour Palette in Hot Stuff ~ Smokey Eyes *Limited Edition*

Hi guys!

Just a quick reminder that I'm currently hosting a small giveaway sponsored by Sigma Makeup.  Here is a chance to win a F80 Flat Top Kabuki.  Click on the link to reach the relevant post and enter if you would like a chance to own this brush.  Giveaway ends 22nd May

Also those who are interested in seeing what I've been up to in school recently please visit my other blog to view photos of my work :)

Anyway back to the actual purpose of this post.  Chi Chi had released two new little compact palettes sometime earlier, but I didn't buy it.  I happened to had spent $30 or more at Target buying their False lashes and at the time they had a little deal.  You get a free Twist of Colour palette for free.  There was only two colours and I've forgotten what that one was, but I ended up choosing Hot Stuff. 

This palette retails for $24.95 (AUD) or $29.99 (NZ).

Small, sleek, black compact

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow from Bargain Bin and some other stuff

Hey guys?  Missed me much?

I've certainly missed blogging a lot!!

School is finished and I wanted to blog earlier last week but Blogger went down for a long time so I couldn't blog :(  What timing that was.  Anyway just got some stuff to share with everyone.  Hopefully the blogging business will get back to normal.

First off some of you might not have noticed but I'm hosting a Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Giveaway which is sponsored by Sigma themselves.  So if you would like a chance to win an F80 brush please click on this link to reach the post (Opened International).

If you had entered before please also check the post again, because Blogger went down they really stuffed some things up and your entry to this giveaway might have being deleted by them!!!!  Please check as I don't want anyone to miss out a chance to win the brush!

Another thing I would also like to mention is I have another blog which will be hosting my journey through makeup artistry so all my school work and professional work will be placed there.  If you're interested in that sort of professional approach for a blog please check it out and follow if you like it :)  So all my recent Advanced Makeup class work and final photoshoot assessment will be posted there soon.  I've only recently being sharing the Certificate II in Makeup Services stuff I did last year so if you want to see definitely check out my other blog :)

Now down to business!!!

About last month I think it was sometime after Easter I popped down to the shopping centre where Inglot is with my Cousin who came home to visit.  She wanted to buy some stuff since she had forgotten her beauty bag and was left with nothing to use while she was visiting.  While there I have noticed sadly that prices have definitely gone up and the 10 eyeshadow palette (square) had gone up to $95 :(  However I also saw they now have the 20 eyeshadow palette (Square) but completely forgotten what price it was.  Anyway I didn't plan to buy anything and so I was just browsing and helping my cousin out with some concealer and powder.  I know Inglot has a little bargain box next to the cash register so I thought I take a quick look.  Nothing too interesting but I did see some Matte Eyeshadow on sale.  About 50% off so I picked up the three bright colours for $10 each and I think they normally retail for about $22 each or something.

Here are some swatches of the BRIGHT colours, which are all completely matte :)  Love matte eyeshadows to death!

All are Matte colours: Pink #362, Red #366, Yellow #370

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Important! Please Read

Hi guys

Some of you probably know Blogger have stuffed up and being down for ages.
It screwed up and deleted recents posts and even deleted recent comments.

If you recently entered my sigma F80 giveaway please check that post again and see if your comment is still there.  Blogger might have deleted them because i seem to have gotten more email notification from the blog post with entries than there is on the actual post.

Please click on this link to reach the Giveaway!!!!

Sorry if you have to entere again.  Blogger is going weird and keeps going down and it doesn't seem like they're fixing it very well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sigma F80 Brush Review and Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi Guys!

I am back! How good it feels to be able to blog again and not have to worry about having a pile of homework stacked up behind me.

The final assessment went great and I can’t wait until the photographer contact me to pick up my professional photos! They looked so good just seeing them on the camera and my model was just gorgeous!

Today my review is sponsored by Sigma at, and I’ve been given the chance to review a brush that is very popular within their brushes. It’s the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. A lot of you may have seen this one or even the F82 or F84 around when reading beauty blogs.

F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush comes with a phamplet

They’re the new (relatively new, have being out for a bit now) sigmax brush line aimed for the use of high definition and flawless makeup application. The design of these brushes compared to regular brushes is that they don’t absorb as much as the regular brushes do, meaning you’re not wasting too much product each time you apply liquid, cream or powder makeup.
Packaging of the brush

Simple yet sleek

The F80 is designed for the use of applying liquid, cream and powder products like foundation. The brush is dense, yet soft and buff products into your face really well.

Each brush is labelled

Soft Synthetic Sigmax HD filament

Dense so it is great for buffing in your foundation, also a great brush to use for Mineral Powder Foundation.  No shedding as of yet so definitely happy!

When I wash my MAC stippling brush after one application of liquid foundation and compared it to when I washed my F80 brush, it was evidence that the fibre on the F80 brush indeed did not absorb as much as regular brushes. I find it blends a lot better, faster and easier compared to a stippling brush which is what I use on a regular basis to apply my liquid foundation.

In my opinion it is a great brush and I’ve being using it everyday to apply foundation and it’s easy as it buff it into your skin so well. It gives you that nice flawless finish without any hassle.

Mine haven’t shed a single hair since I’ve gotten it and that is a major plus for me in my books. The thing I hate the most is shedding hair from brushes. I don’t want to have to be picking off hair on my face or if I were to use it on a client while on the job I hate having to pick off hair from their face. So no shedding which is good!!!

However please do wash it before you use it, I’ve noticed a little bit of that chemical smell on it. It is not overwhelming but if you have a sensitive nose you’ll pick up right away. Most new brushes will have some sort of smell to it, so I always recommend everyone to wash their brushes before using them for the first time no matter what. Doesn’t matter what brushes you buy you should always give them a good wash!

Anyway some of you guys might be wondering what the giveaway is. Well not only did I get the opportunity to review this product; I also get to giveaway one F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush away to a lucky follower! Sigma themselves will post the F80 brush directly to you when the giveaway is finished and the winner is announced. I would need to of course pass on your shipping address to them so they can send it out to the winner.


Must be 18 and older, otherwise I will need your guardian/parents consent for the use of the shipping address.

Must be a public follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect, if I can’t see you on my list then I won’t know.

If your GFC name is not the same as the name you comment with, please tell me or I won’t know and you may be disqualified.

One entry only!! I wanted to make this giveaway fair instead of giving extra entries for those who have blogs and what not.

Leave an email in the comment!!! Use this format to reduce spasm to your email


Giveaway ends 22nd May 2011, Australian Western Standard Time (GMT+8)

That’s all! Nothing complicated so everything is very straight forward with the giveaway. Good luck :)

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Sigma, therefore I did not pay for the brush myself personally. However I thank Sigma for giving me this great opportunity. The above review is my honest opinion.