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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JC at Makeup is hosting an awesome giveaway!

The beautiful JC at is hosting her 250 followers giveaway it the prizes are great.  She's such a lovely girl and so generous to be giving away that much.

If you haven't checked out her blog i recommend it!

Yep those are the awesome stuff in the giveaway!
This giveaway is open to internationals as well and will be ending on July 10th 2011 so get your entry in quick :)

Click on the link at the beginning or the one below to reach her blog post and learn how you can also get a chance at winning some goodies :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog Award

Some of you probably know I don't have much patient to do blog awards.  I appreciate everyone who gives them to me but sometime I get so hectic I forget.  I had time today and I came across a comment in my previous post, so I thought I should really check it out and try to do it this time round.

I want to thanks Rinz from for tagging me int his awesome blog award!  Thanks sweetie!

so the rules for this award is as follows:

Link it back to the one who sent it to you and then pass it on to 7 people.

Also, I have to write 15 random things about myself.

Alright.... 15 random things! (You will not believe how long it took me to write 15 random things about myself!)
1. Even though I’m a girl, I’m not a big fan of pink so some of you might have noticed I rarely wear anything pink (clothing, accessories). I think the only pink things I ever use is probably, blush or lipstick/lip gloss.

2. I wear shorts and skirts more often, not because I don’t like pants more so I find it difficult to find pants that fit me nicely. Then again I’m pretty short thus I have to alter them sometimes it is just too much of a hassle or it doesn’t look as nice as it did before the alteration.

3. I’m a manga and anime geek! I love them and I think I always will.

4. I love to eat; I’m always up to finding something new to try or trying out places that have great reviews. However I don’t’ enjoy cooking much :p

5. I love high heels, but most the time I’m wearing flats

6. I’m obsessed with sparkly watches and accessories. I love my bling blings!!!

7. I like green tea. Be it green tea, green tea latte, green tea ice cream or even green tea mochi… I LOVE

8. I want to try sky diving at least once in my life.

9. I like travelling, be it to another foreign country or even just a road trip to a small town or country side.

10. I don’t own a single Apple product (i.e. ipod, iphone, etc)

11. I own more black clothing than any other colour

12. I’m allergic to Kiwi Fruit and I will actually turn blue if I eat it. Just touching it sends shivers down my spine.

13. I love headbands; I’m always hunting for new ones. Even my mum buys me headbands as gifts when she goes on holidays now.

14. I’ve been wearing one necklace for the last 4 years, I even sleep with it on and shower with it on. You might have notice it in my photos it’s a white gold chain with a jade pendent on it. It’s actually a key shape and I got it from my mum for my 21st birthday.

15. I like drinking frozen coke :p

Now I have to pass this onto 7 people and I've listed them in random order.  I seriously just picked them out randomly from my blog list that I follow and love to read.  I thought it was actually fun writing out 15 random things about myself even if it took me forever!
Jennifer from
D.Sadie from
Kendra aka Kay from
Ashii from
Kassie from
PopBlush from
Terri from
Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm already missing weekend and I can't wait for it to come sooner :p

Saturday, June 25, 2011

FOTD: More Inglot Love

Back again with another look.  Sorry most of them are simple and subtle, but because I wear them to work I can't really make them all out there.  It just wouldn't look or feel right while I'm working.

I will need to find time on the weekend where I can actually sit down and play with the eyeshadows.  Create some dramatic looks with them that are really out there instead.

This pose is back!

On my lips is Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Peach

Friday, June 24, 2011

FOTD: Inglot matte eyeshadows

If you've read my previous post you know I acquired some new matte eyeshadows from inglot that were discounted.

Well today I did a look using all 4 colours that I bought the other day.

So here is how it turned out...

Apricot, purple, light pink & green

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow from Bargin Bin Swatches

I'm back! 

Yes the title of the post says it all.  I am back with four more shades from the Inglot Matte Eyeshadow range and they are once again from the bargain bin.  They each originally cost $22 each but I paid $11 for each one :)  50% off for Inglot mattes!

Yay!  more to the collection :)

I didn't plan to buy anything and yesterday I was shopping with a good friend who had asked me sometime ago about helping her out with buying blush and contour powder.  It was a good day with great weather and I very much enjoyed shopping with her :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

FOTD: Obsessed with MAC Purple Shower and Off The Page

I'm back with another FOTD, well everything is pretty much the same as the FOTD I did yesterday except for the eyes I guess.  Lately I've being using MAC eyeshadow in Purple Shower and Off the Page, and I rarely use MAC eyeshadows when I'm doing my makeup.  It must be one of those current obsessions I'm having lately and I'll probably get over it and you won't see it for a while :p

pop of orange in the inner corners (told you i was obsessed with orange)

Maybelline Glam Shine Lip Gloss - 102 Always Pink on the lips

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FOTD: I Won't Let the Gloomy Weather Get to Me!

Popping in to post up my FOTD for today and I'm glad I got around to wanting to do something more exciting for my eyes.  The weather have been rather rainy, windy and gloomy which makes the day so depressing.  BUT... I didn't let that affect my makeup.  I shall go against it and do bright eyes!

The compulsory pose strike again!

bright eyes soft lips

Peninsula Tea Gardens in Mayland and FOTD

Love Saturday!  Except today was a bit gloomy even though the sun came out for a little bit in the afternoon, but soon disappeared.  Anyway was in the mood for some high tea so I and my friend Mandy (yep we have the same name) too a trip down to Maylands (about 30minutes drive from home) for some lovely high tea.  I heard of Peninsula Tea Gardens at the Tranby house for a while now, but never got around to trying it.  Mandy (my friend) was also hopging to try it out as well so it worked out well.

A nice large table just for two :)

The place was so quiet and calm that it was so relaxing.  The Tranby House is apparently the only farmhouse in that area and it is right by the river so the view was pretty.  It would of being prettier if the day was sunny, but I gess sometime not everything in life is perfect.

Very cute yet simple table setting.  The cups and stuff were so old fashioned that I liked it that way :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just dropping for a quick post.  I've been obsessed with orange as some of you already know and of all colours I have no idea why orange either.  To think weather is getting gloomy here that I really should be toning down the colours right?

No way!!!

Anyway here are some orange swatches I'd like to share with you guys...

Lots of orange, mainly eyeshadows tho :p

Swatches from L-R:
MAC - Off the Page (Discontinued if I remember correctly)
Coastal Scents Hot Pot - ME11
Coastal Scents Hot Pot - CM03
Coastal Scents Hot Pot - CM04
Cover Girl Tropical Palette - Orange shade
Still Glamorous Pigment - Surf Up
Pure Luxe Pigment - Tangerine
Joseristine Blush - No name or number, but it's definitely an orange colour and yes I put this on my cheeks!

Is anyone else obessed with a certain colour recently?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smashbox Cheek Palette Close-Up

This palette is pretty old in the Smashbox cosmetics range and I’m pretty sure this came out all the way back in 2009 as a part of a new collection or something. Anyway I bought this a while back from All Cosmetics Wholesale (Online store) for US $14.99. I bought it mainly because it would be great to take with you on travels. That works out to be about just under US $5 per colour? (I hope my mental math is working fine)

Simple black palette

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I do when I'm bored....?

When I'm bored and I have no inspiration I like to sit down in front of the computer and google images of makeup/celebrities/fashion/catwalk.  It helps with inspiration and gives me ideas to play around with.  However due to the fact that my eyes are of a certain type there are so much I want to try but unable to.  However I hope one day I'll find that perfect model to try them all on :)

Here are some pictures I googled and love...

The pictures above are actually all done by the same makeup artist.  One of my favourite makeup artists in the industry and that's Pat Mcgrath.  She is absolutely a geninus and her work are always stunning or out of the world.  It's not typical wearable makeup that she does since she works mainly backstage at fashion events.  Her works are definitely worth checking out!

Here are some other pictures I thought were pretty that I googled a couple of days ago...

Does anyone else google images for inspirations or flip through magazines when they are bored?  or is it just me :p hehehe

Saturday, June 11, 2011

FOTD: Out of the Ordinary

Its cold over here in Australia and on most days it is rather gloomy as well and here I am sporting makeup a bit out of the ordinary.  I normally like to tone down my makeup to match the weather/season, however this time round that isn't happening at all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Orange FOTD

For some odd reason I've been obsessed with orange as of late, be it eyeshadow or lipstick even blush!  My mum bought me a cute blush from her trip back to Hong Kong and at first i freaked because it was a majorly bright orange colour.  However she said the lady in the store said it is one of the best sellers out of the 4 or 3 colours available.

Anyway it was freezing in the morning hence the fluffy scarf.  Mornings are very hard to bear and it makes life harder trying to get out of that very warm cosy bed you're still lying in.  Heck I wish I could sleep in and stay there until the weather warms up a littler bit.

keeping the making low profile :) with a little bit of colour

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NP Set – 12 Colour Eye Shadow Palettes

Recently I picked up two NP Set palettes out of random and I probably just bought them because they were on sale otherwise I doubt I would had picked them out. NP Set is just a more affordable cosmetic/beauty range from the famous Napoleon Perdis Brand. It’s sold at Target here in Australia and recently I’ve seen some chemists are also stocking on them (but not the complete full range). Anyway Target was having a sale on their cosmetics so I like to browse around to see if there is anything worth buying that I like.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried NP Set and probably will not be the last. I currently use one of their Face Primer and I also use their synthetic brushes (very basic range). However it is my first time actually using their eyeshadows. I guess I sort of had some good expectations from them since I’ve used tonnes of Napoleon Perdis makeup at school.


They are completely different to what I had thought they would be. Some bad news and some good ones. It’s like that with all products but keep in mind these are only my own honest opinions on them. There may be other reviews/swatches where people will have a complete different view of them compared to the way I saw them.

Anyway let’s get down to some information about them…

2 NP Set Palettes of 12 colours from Target.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent FOTDs...


Did you guys miss me?
Blogger had been a bit stuffed up lately so I couldn't post properly, hence the lack of post on my blog :(

Also I've been reading a lot of blogs lately BUT I am unable to show love, because it won't let me comment!!!!!  Fail!  It kept telling me to log in and everytime it will just keep telling me to log in, thus it refuse to let me post a comment :(

I'm sorry I haven't being able to comments on other beauty bloggers who have being posting more frequently.  Stupid Blogger is not yet fixed and I still can't see my followers, nor can I post properly or even comment now.  I've notified them but they haven't gotten back to me or fixed the problems yet :(

Anyway enough sad faces and get on with what I'm supposed to be sharing today.

I have to FOTDs that was done sometime this week, but I've completely forgotten what products I've used so that was a major fail too :p

Completely naked face!  Getting ready for work :)