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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dusts Swatches

I actually owned these Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts for a year now and I just forgot about ever doing swatches of them.  I first heard the name of this brand when I was watching one of Youtube Guru JulieG's video.  Therefore I am not affiliated with Jesse's Girl and these pigments/eye dusts are not free.  I purchased them with my own money.

Anyway there is a total of 28 shades int he collection and checking their website it haven't changed.

These eye dusts can be purchased from the website or if you live in the US they are available in some Rite Aid Stores (I think).

Pricing According to Website (Does not include shipping charges):

$4.99 each
2.5grams of product in a plastic jar with sifter

I purchased the the whole lot for:

$92.50 for all 28 shades
(Roughly $3.30 each)

However I know there are people who may not want all the shades so purchasing them individually may suit them better.  They also sell other cosmetics on the website so you can check them out and I previously done swatches for their Star Dust Powder Eyeshadows which you can view here if you haven't so:

Jesse's Girl Star Dust Powder Eyeshadows

Hope these swatches help, they're wonder pigments and are of great quality.   They're smooth and soft, even the ones that were more glittery were smooth and not chunky.  These swatches are done without a base so if you do use a base then the pigmentation would be greater and it'll grip the pigments better as well.  For those that look rather more glittery a stickier base would be highly recommended.

Blues and Greens
Love Mardi Gras and Antique Green!

No base and no flash

Pinks, Reds and Purples
Sunset Blvd looks really pretty!

no base and no flash
I thought Flambe and Rouge Flambe looked similar when swatched but it is now obvious that one is a lot more richer in red (deeper colour) than the other.

White, Silver, Golds and Copper

no base and no flash
Well that is all for now.  Hope these swatches help you if you plan on purchasing any.  I think their popularity is increasing as I've seen people reviewing them lately :)


  1. The pigmentation is good :) The colors look lovely.

  2. @Sarah: and they're pretty good for price too :) I liek Jesse's Girl pigments quite a bit


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