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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running late - EOTD

The time when your alarm clock decides to fail you because of dead batteries is never a great way to start the day. Especially when it is a weekday so it means I have to get to work. When my eyes popped open finally because something didn’t feel right I realised I’ve wasted 30 minutes in bed. Cursing my head off I fell out of bed and quickly stumbled through the house to the bathroom to find it occupied. Great more trouble so I had to be an annoying sister and constantly bang on the door to hurry my brother up. Putting on makeup fast is never a good thing; things go wrong so I had to think. What would be easy and what would be ok to go on fast. Should I skip some products and go straight to that or should I just go through them as quick as I can.

With flash....

In the end I finished and was out the door 10 minutes later than usual. However the good news is I made it to work in time.

Here are some really quick photos during my hurried morning; yes I know I took photos even though I was rushing like hell. It was really simple and I really mean it when I say simple. After primer and foundation and powder I went straight to the eyes. Stuff the blush, eyebrow and concealer. No time for any of that, especially when my make up was a complete mess.

All I used was MAC Patina over the lids and MAC Satin Taupe for outer corner, crease line and half of the lower lash line. Skipped eyeliner, too much trouble and it was for work so no need to really make the eye stand out that much. I just whacked on some mascara using Maybelline Great Lash in Very Black. There you have it the finished look, I don’t remember wearing lipstick I think I just put on lip balm while I was driving to work.

No flash...

No flash...

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