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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Instagram Update - Food, Lifestyle, makeup....

Back with an update post of what I've been up to... which means what I've been eating! Yes that's right I'm all about food.  Makeup isn't my only love.  Growing up in a family that eats food and appreciate good food means I like to travel to eat.  I try loads of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, etc.  I have friends who are my eating buddies.

Anyway enjoy the prettiful pictures I'd posted on Instagram.

Lime Crime....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romantique Boheme

I'm back again with another post.  Today I'm happy to share with you all photos from a great shoot with the gorgeous model Sacha.  I really really love doing makeup for this model.  She's flawless and so pretty and she so slim and her legs are so long.  She also comes with an amazing personality.  Easy to work with and friendly and always happy to try out new things and take time out to do photo shoots.

Enough rambling!

These photos are also published on a website called Fashionising.

The shoot was my idea, I always wanted to something a bit more bohemian with some fur in it.  Sacha being the perfect beauty she is was definitely the first model I approached.

Please don't hesitate to let me know what you thought about the photos.  Constructive Criticism is always welcome and can help me improve.  What one person sees isn't necessarily what another person sees in a photo.

Photographer: Kenny Gunawan
Model: Sacha Patterson
Wardrobe: Rachael Low
Hair and Makeup: Mandy To

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Please meet Bob!

Back again with another post.  This one some of you probably have been waiting for and I know I was supposed to had done this one a while ago.  However the fact that I had to take so many photos and then edit them so they're not huge, made me procrastinate and delay it.

Well the other day I kicked my own butt and got a move on.  Then after uploading the photos onto my computer I completely couldn't be bothered editing them.  Until today that is, I just edited all the photos so they won't be huge and will upload to blogger faster.

Keep in mind this is an overview and not an in depth run through of everything that is contained inside Bob.

Here you're thinking.... Bob?  What the hell are you talking about?

Bob is a name, a name that I had given to my new makeup kit trolley that I had bought a few months ago.  My trust metal one was simply falling apart, but it had been with me for a good two years already and I still keep it.  I use it for personal use and sometime even if I need that extra trolley when travelling on location.

I bought my new case from Crown Brush Australia ( so I am not sure if it is available from your crown brush in your country).  It was bought online and I took advantage of their 24 hour 20% off store-wide sale online.

This case is called the "Chicago Trolley case" which is very very similar to the Taz Merah cases that you see everywhere and are so popular.  However this case is half the price of a Taz Merah and slightly different, but definitely loving it to bits.  Shortly after getting it other makeup artists in my city had also gone for this one and each one had loved it thus far.

Hi, my name is Bob.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Frenzied Summer

Back today to share photos from a recent photo shoot with a gorgeous model.  It was a very quick beach shoot and although the weather was beautiful the wind was a little too strong for out liking.  So we made the best of it.  It was also done very early in the morning to avoid the heat in the afternoon.  Everyone sacrificed sleep to meet up early.

Here are some photos that were edited and published on hence why I'm only releasing them now, as we were awaiting for the website to publish them first.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Instagram update!

It's long weekend here in sunny Perth and the weather for the weekend had been beautiful.  The sun is out and it's not too hot either.  As busy as I have been I'm happy to be able to walk outside and see such lovely weather.

Here I am again sharing with you the lovely instagram photos.