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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My poor skin.... product testing...

The title says it all.  I may not have had absolutely perfect skin, but I have to say my skin was fairly good and hardly ever really had anything wrong with it beside a few little break outs during my... time of the month.

Recently I bought Physicians Formula Super BB cream and thought about some of the good stuff I had heard about it.  I should have known better to get it.  First it only comes in two shades light/medium and medium/dark.  It certainly does not suit everyone.  The light/medium is what I got for myself and it a tad too light but the medium/dark is too dark... already a fail yet I thought, it's winter in Perth so it should be alright and I can warm it up with Bronzer.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting over the hurdles...

 Finally with this starting to pick up and look brighter I'm back.  Being MIA is so hard and missing out of reading favourite bloggers was even worse!

Got my new computer up and running!  It's super fast and I got it at a cheaper price than I had expected.

Been flat out working and working and some more working.  Mum went away on her long long holiday for 7 weeks and when she came back it was like my body gave up and I went crashing.  I can't live without Mumma Bear!  Been feeling so good that I'm not cramming in my work life, social life and house sitting/chores life all at once.

Got loads of photos to share, sadly not much of my own work as I'm still waiting on some photos from a shoot.

House lemonande at The Precinct, it was so yummy and refressing!

Friday, June 7, 2013

When everything comes crashing down at once...

I swear when ONE thing goes wrong a whole series of things decides it is time to go wrong all at once.  I've had the most horrible couple of weeks that I'm really over it and I don't even want to think about it anymore. However I do want to share with you why I went MIA.

My mother embarked on her well deserved holiday, which means I had to start house sitting and doing house chores and making sure my father stays alive (yeah I'm not exaggerating either).  So that was added onto of my work/career and I wasn't complaining much beside a bit of frustration here and there and being driven up the wall by my dear old man.

I had bought 2 spare portable 1TB hard drive ready to to do back up on a day off.  Like every other night I turned off my computer and would start it up again the next morning.  Yep you can probably guess what happened.  My computer decided to DIE.   When I say die, I actually means it died.  As in there was no way of fixing or repairing it in anyway.  The motherboard decided it wanted to die and move on and make my tiring life a miserable one.  Hahaha, looking back now I was cussing so much at a dead computer actually does look rather stupid.

So here I was with a dead computer and have not yet backed up either.  OMG!
I had full on 7 full days of work and no time to buy a new one or even attempt to save my crap that was still on my hard drives inside the computer.  BLOODY HELL!