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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chi Chi Cosmetics mini-haul

Went shopping today because I had to buy a gift for my cousin in Hong Kong. So I was wondering around in Myer looking for something she might like. I ended up in the drugstore cosmetics section where things were more affordable. While walking around and looking at some of the gift packs I saw a table full of Chi Chi products. The gift packs in particular were on sale so I thought I have a quick look.

You guessed it; I’ve picked up a few things. I only just started using them after I picked up the Chi Chi super stack I reviewed sometime earlier in February. I liked their stuff so far but I’m not sure about some of the other products they sell.

The first thing I picked up is the Chi Chi Real Mineral Blockbuster. The original price was like $49.99 or something and I saw it was marked down to $34.97. However I had a $10 birthday voucher Myer had sent me and I only ended up paying $24.97 for it. BARGAIN.

Included in this blockbuster set are 16 mineral eye shadow colours, 2 eye shadow applicator brushes and a mineral powder brush.

Here we have a large bronzer, 3 mineral foundations (fair, light and light to medium) and a mineral blush in natural pink.

I thought the book/box it came in was cute, though I have to say it is a little clumsy to be carrying it around or go travelling with since it is so big.

I always wanted to try their Real Minerals Eye Shadow (loose powder), but they’re pretty expensive. The original price of them is $22.95 but today I only paid $1995 for it. I got this one in “Greens”, but there are 3 other colours available. One is a purple/pink one and there is a brown/neutral and a black/silver one.

Lastly I picked up glitter eyeliner. I never tried the glitter ones before so I thought it would be fun. I paid $12.95 for it so I thought it was alright, and they had heaps of colours but I went for the safe one. Black can’t go wrong with the colour black, so if I find it nice to use I might try the other colours.

When I went to pay I didn’t know that they were having a Myer/Chi Chi promotion until the cash register girl told me. I got a free gift for spending $30 or more on Chi Chi products and I got a gift pack that includes an eye shadow palette (purple), black liquid eyeliner pen and Chi Chi 3D Magic Lash (mascara). Apparently the total value of this pack is $62.85.

This promotion is only for Myer, so other places that stock Chi Chi products does not have this special promotion gift pack available.

I spent a total of $57.87 on Chi Chi products so I’m quite happy with the price I paid. I will do some review/swatches on these items when I get around to finally opening them and using it.

Disclaimer: I purchase every product mentioned in the post with my own money and I’m not being paid to review any items nor am I affiliated with the companies. These are just my honest opinions.


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  2. Wow! They are such cool packs! Especially love the first one, great colours <3 <3 We did a review of some Chi Chi products on your blog, please check it out if you get the chance :)


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