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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Peek at my Vanity and Makeup collection

The most popular topics of all time are sharing one’s vanity set up and makeup collection. Unfortunately I’m not yet one of those who have an awesome yet large amount of makeup. I’m getting there though. Mine is a pretty simple set up, made from the use of an old study table my cousin left behind when he was staying at our house during his couple years of studies. I’m pretty sure it was one of those very cheap IKEA tables you can get but probably not anymore. This was when I was still just a teenage girl.

Instead of wasting it I made use of it, no point in buying a table when you got one right? I mean I would love a great vanity table, but saving money whenever you can is always a good plan. So this is my magic little corner in my litter bedroom. Where I do my hair and makeup every morning for work and where I share my love for makeup with my girlfriends.

Welcome to my Vanity

Let’s start off to the side next to my new IKEA wardrobe. A small set up where most of my jewelleries are stored and the Blue drawers only contains non-cosmetics stuff, so I won’t go into details about them. Those drawers I don’t remember where I got them. They’ve been with me forever and I originally didn’t use them for cosmetics anyway. Nowadays these ones contain my little bits and pieces. My full length mirror is just one of those cheap ones you can pick up at the bargain store. I was supposed to mount it but decided not since now I have an option to move it where and when I want to.

The earring stand is something my mum got me as a gift two years ago when she visited my cousin in Sydney and it was from a shop that was closing down. I’ve seen these earring stands and even better ones on eBay so if you’re looking for them you’ll find some there.

Now this little corner holds all my perfume, hair products and face products. The white stand is from IKEA, a product from their bathroom range which can be used like I do now or mounted onto the wall. Originally I had it sitting on the floor, but it wasn’t so good since I have a little fluff ball that runs around the house, who acts like a princess going where she wants and when she wants. I sat it on the stool for better reach when I sit down in my cheap foldable chair. That mini stool is something you can’t buy. Believe it or not my father made it and its one very strong stool so I love it.

Yet another set of these blue drawers, this one just holds most of my most least used cosmetics or palettes that are too big to be stored anywhere else. IT has some face products and the last two draws are hair accessories. As you can see I have my hair straightener on top and my curling iron behind it as well as a hair dryer in the wicker basket. All handy and in my reach as I bust my little ass along to get ready for work.

Little organiser I picked up at Priceline, I believe they still sell them at the moment but I’m not sure for how long. It holds my curlers, and brushes I don’t used all that frequently. The pink tube was originally something I bought many years ago when I was into making those lucky stars. I just popped the lid off and now I use it to store dirty brushes that need cleaning. I clean my brushes everyday but only washed them once every two weeks.

This little container is pretty handy to me which also something I picked up at Priceline from the same brand as the previous stand. It contains my cotton balls, Q-tips and cotton pads. These are frequently used, thus I keep them on the table all the time.

All my brushes are stabbed into these beads thing in a little stationery organiser container I picked up at Officeworks. A place that sells office supplies, they’re little boxes with sections that can be stacked with small clips. Since I only have one then I used it for my brushes. It was too tall for some of the shorter brushes so seeing some YouTube videos, lots of people were using these flower vase fillers they get from their local craft store. I thought it was a good idea so I did the same only to find we don’t sell those types here so I ended up substituting it with little clear beads. These beads are the ones for filling stuffed toys. Yes you know how some soft toys have some beads in them, well it is the exact same thing and it works just as well. Everything else is pretty standard, plastic cup holding my liners and my Ecotools at he back in their originally bamboo cup. The compartments holding my lipsticks (most frequently used) and mascara are actually lipstick holders. They’re by Revlon and I got these for free at a Pharmacy. The girl at the counter was very nice and she just asked if I wanted any of them, because they had heaps. I ended up taking two because I thought it was cute. They don’t fit all sorts of lipsticks so it was average, but I’m sure they fit all Revlon lipsticks though. I like my mascara within reach rather than have to rummage through the drawer for them.

My mirrors, the small one is a magnifying one on one side and normal on the other which I used mainly for plucking my eyes or applying mascara. The big mirror I’m not sure if any of you seen it before but you can get it at IKEA and it’s cheap!

My newest collection of perfume, missing the red one though so I’ll have to go hunting for it. I think they’re uber cute and the scents are a great combination. They do smell similar but I can’t be bothered figuring out which ones they’re similar with.

Behind my Harajuku lovers perfume is this business card stand from Officeworks. It was a good idea, but unfortunately some single eyeshadows are too fat to fit in them, thus I store my least used shadows there. I probably put them back in the draw and find another use for this stand.

This is two filing drawers stacked together; I purchased them from Officeworks so there is a lot of stuff similar to this one. This is the makeup heaven part of my vanity, where all my stuff is stored. Nothing particularly special so don’t’ expect too much.

The reason why I liked these drawers were because they’re clear at the front and the side. So I know what is in each drawer without having to label them.

Top draw is Foundation and powders.

Second draw is lip products.

Third draw is concealers and primer and makeup base. I think I might switch the lip and this draw around. Not sure yet.

Fourth drawer is solely for my NYX collection which I have shared with you guys earlier already. I don’t really have sections in the drawers; I just try to lay things out neatly.

Fifth drawer contains miscellaneous palettes.

Sixth are also palettes like the Manly 120 and my Cameleon ones that I recently bought from Hong Kong.

Seventh is MAC, Estee Lauder and Clinique as well as my eyeshadow base and Red Earth eye primer.

Eighth draw is drugstore eyeshadows collected over the years.

And lastly the bottom one is makeup wipes and the sponges I use for my foundation application.

Disclaimer: all products shown in photos are all owned by me and i dont' get paid to use or review them.


  1. Awesome! I've been looking for ways to store everything and never thought of officeworks! Will check it out thanks :))


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