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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleek Eye Dust Pigments

Back again with another little review and some swatches to share with you all. I haven’t tried anything from the Sleek range of makeup, but I have heard people rave about their eyeshadow palettes. However I am not as fortunate to try out their palettes yet, but I did find their Eye Dust pigments and thought I give it a try. Some had reviewed them and love them so I guess I should give them a shot too.

I have to say, my opinions are not exactly the same as others, and I found they left out something very important when reviewing them.

I ended up getting the 9 colours available on the Crush Cosmetics website not too long ago. They are still having a 20% off on selected items and Sleek Eye Dust was one of them. Original price selling on Crush Cosmetics is $10.95 AUD each, but with 20% off it is only $8.76 AUD.

I’ve done some swatches and you probably realised that the first 3 colours were done on my arm and the rest on a paper towel afterward.

I apologise for changing the way I swatched, but this is a one time circumstance because after swatching the first three colours I had trouble removing the colours completely from my arm. Makeup remover did not get rid of the entire colour and even after washing with hand wash there was still some dark marks remaining.

I couldn’t believe how badly they stained my arm! I just couldn’t swatch the rest of the colours on top because I find that mixing the colours won’t be showing the true colours of the eye dust. And if it not coming off one arm I’m not staining the other arm. Thus that is the reason for swatching on a paper towel instead. Please forgive me for changing and hopefully the paper towel swatches are considered good enough in your eyes when viewing.

First off, the pigment looked a bit thick to me, but when I applied it is definitely not rough or lumpy. In fact it is very silky smooth and the pigmentation with and without a base was great! The loose eye shadow is very shimmery and glittery.

That aside, it is also a major fall out disaster! So be careful when applying or you’ll end up with hands and clothes full of glitter. It’s not fun and it’s definitely not easy getting glitter off. Beside the super glitter effect and the fall out they’re not bad, but definitely not my type of thing. I go nuts when there is lots of fall out and the glitter just gets all over the place. Oh before I forget Sleek should invest in better sifter stickers because their one totally don’t work. A couple of them were spilling with pigments when I opened them. I found the stickers over the sifter holes aren’t at all that sticky at all hence the reason why they slip and come pouring out.

I will have to find a good way to use them though, and I’m pretty sure I will if I use them more often. Thank you Crush Cosmetics for the free sample of Coastal Scent eye shadow sample in Cool White Satin.

Anyway just want to share something that is new to me…

Crush Cosmetics is an Australia based online store, who also sells internationally so be sure to check out their shipping prices for international sales. The customer service here is great and the prices they offer for the products they hold is not over priced. They stock brands like Sleek, Milani, NYX, Barry M, Ardell, ELF, Lime Crime, Urban Decay and etc. Check their website for further information or brands they keep in stock.

I find that it’s a great online store for those who live in Australia in particular, because they hold brands like NYX, Milani and Urban Decay Primer potion that us Australians cannot buy in stores. The service is great and the shipping is fast. Great deal for Australians when your order is $60 AUD or more, you’ll receive free shipping! And for international buyers, when you spend $40 USD or more you’ll receive a flat rate of $8 flat rate for shipping.

For any questions check out their FAQ section or email them and Lina will reply you personally as soon as possible. Not sure if you want to purchase from them? Check out the customer reviews/testimony they other buyers had left for them. I was very satisfied with the order I placed and will purchase from them again in the future.

NOTE: I am not advertising for Crush Cosmetics! I am merely stating my opinion about them and my experience with them. Crush Cosmetics does not pay me to do this.

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  1. Great review. I will have to check out the website. I am in the US and love Barry M products. I'd like to try Sleek as well! Thanks for the info.


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