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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Had fun the other night before bedtime, because I wasn’t really all that sleepy so I went through some of my stuff. Anyway I pulled out my neglected Manly 120 palette that I have used like a couple of times. I don’t know why but I ended using greens that time. A colour I very seldom wear at all and I would have to admit myself I don’t think I would wear something this bright in broad daylight. Maybe out to some costume party or special event. Never as a casual look though it’s way too bright for my liking.

Here is what the look turned out to be. Excused the plain face and Velcro in the hair, I mean I was about to wash my face and go to bed.

Here are the colours I ended up using for the look.

angle from above without flash and artificial lightings

normal portrait with flash light
What you guys think?
I don’t think I blended the greens together very well so maybe more work in that area.

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