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Monday, May 31, 2010

Surprisingly I have a small NYX collection which was everything I bought from overseas due to the fact you cannot purchase this brand in Australia. Bummer! Anyhow this time round during my holiday in Hong Kong I completely forgot about buying NYX products. It really slipped my mind and I’m regretting it. I love their products and it’s not expensive either.

I currently only own 7 single eyeshadows and the full set of 30 pearl mania powders.

Towards the back I also have a set of 10 glitters that I have not once used yet, so I’m not sure why I even bought them.

I have only 3 jumbo pencils in black, blue and purple and one lipstick that I never used even once. 1 lip liner and 2 glitter eyeliners that I bought because I thought they looked cute and the sparkles was alluring to my eyes.

If only I could extend my collection, but how and where can I buy them? Online maybe?

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