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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatches and Review

I finally got around to doing this one, which had being on the list for a very long time. I had so many colours to swatch that it took me forever to do and it got a little messy for me, since I’m a bit of a klutz.

Tray of samples ready to be swatched and reviewed

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School work

Hi Guys!

Just dropping in to share some makeup looks I've done at school in the last two weeks.  We were allowed to be more creative and try something you're not confident with or something you haven't done before.  It was great fun though we had time limited so sometimes things didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to.  I guess I'm just going to have to practise and practise to get it perfect :)

The first model is a classmate's friend and she was kind enough to let me borrow her for the class duration to do an eyeliner look.

Without Flash

Sunday, March 27, 2011

25th Birthday Clubbing FOTD

Last night I partied way too hard and woke up feeling the horrible pain of sore legs, feet and lower back.  Thank god I'm not hung over as well.  Anyway I'm popping in to share my typical clubbing look that I normally opt for if I'm going to be wearing a black outfit.

Look for the night, smokey brown eyes (not so dramtic) and some light bronzer, blush and lipgloss

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Day I Turned 25...

I seriously still can't believe that today I turned 25.  I'm fricken quarter of a century old!  However I think my age is making me paranoid.  The first thing I noticed when I looked into the mirror this morning were all those little fine lines on my face.  Is it a bad sign that I'm actually finally feeling the age?  Then again the whole family forgot about my birthday except for my dearest mother who called home from all the way in Hong Kong.  Definitely can't live without mummy!

Anyway just dropping in before retiring to some much needed sleep.  Sharing the face I wore on the day I turned 25.

Turned 25 and I still opt for something more natural looking :) It's the age I tell you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

FOTD - Wet N Wild Greed Color Icon Palette

I know two post in one day.  Amazing!  This FOTD is today's look that I did this morning.  Just got home from work and will be heading out to work again soon so I thought I would quickly update this one here or I'll probably forget when I get home tonight.

Natural shot :) I think...

Quick FOTD with Wet N Wild Lust Palette

Hi guys!

Just popping in for a quick FOTD post.  Nothing special something you can wear on a daily basis.

Products used:

Wet N Wild Lust Pallet (Matte Purple, Shimmer Grey, Matte Pink and Shimmer Cream/Peach colours were used)
Rimmel Brow Pencil in Black Brown
Maybelline Super Stay Makeup Foundation
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
Prestige Lip Gloss? (I can't remember)
NYX Powder Blush in Natural
Rimmel Bronzer

Very simple and light, no bold statement made for a daily wear

Intense purple! I love this purple colour so much :)
Is it me or is my hair getting lighter?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Updated Vanity Organisation/Collection

This is long overdue and I know it was highly requested but I only just got around to editing and getting photos done for it. This post is pic heavy so it may take longer to load if you have slower internet connection.

I would like to start of by saying this post is not for the purpose of showing off my makeup collection. I know I have a lot and I know I’ve spent a lot too and I don’t need people to tell me that. I am here to share upon many requests to see how I store my stuff. I will say first off I’m not the most organised person and to me easy access and convenience is one first priority. I like to have everything easy to grab when I get up in the morning or have to rush out in a hurry.

Hopefully this post will actually give you ideas how you would like to organise your stash. I don’t own a fancy vanity table; it is still the same one from the time I first posted my organisation. It’s a typical old study table that is from IKEA over 8 years ago. You can use any old table you have at home if you are on a budget; I find there is no reason to spend money when you already have a perfectly good table at home.

I also don’t have much room so I had to find what works best for me.

Mini Vanity/studio corner

Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Wedding Makeup

Dropping in to post some DIY wedding makeup, more of a natural look than going glamour or Smokey eyes. This post is done for Mikelle aka MJ at, who is a bride to be. I’m very honoured and flattered that she had contacted me for advice. Never thought my blog would reach people this far. If everyone is wondering where my email is, it is located on the About Me Page and you can find that tab at the top of the blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to because I’ll always be glad to help out however I can.

I have done two looks that are soft and pretty natural/neutral looking. Great for those who are planning their wedding and are on a tight budget. Great for those who aren’t much of a makeup queen and just want something simple they can do and touch up themselves throughout the wedding day.

These two looks are not restricted to only be worn at weddings or for just brides only. They’re wearable to work, or even on a daily basis. They can match outfits easily and you can always substitute the lip colour or cheek colours if they aren’t much of you colour. You lips and cheeks could also change due to the skin tone you have.

I’m wearing a non-SPF foundation as flash photography tends to make your face really white if you have SPF foundation on. I double powder the T-Zone area of my face because this is normally the oily part of the face. I only lightly dusted loose powder over the face. I want a natural dewy glow to my face; a complete matte face is not that photo friendly looking.

For weddings waterproof products are great! In case you cry you don’t want your makeup running all over the face! IF your eyes water and you’re afraid it’ll ruin the makeup I have a tip for you. Before your tears roll out and leave streak marks behind, tip your heard back and breathe in and out deeply. This will help to clear the watery eyes.

Most my eyeshadows are Inglot, but I’ve show swatches of the colours I used so you can find a suitable dupe if you rather not spend a load on makeup that you may not use again. My lipsticks are drugstore brands so no need to go all out just to buy one expensive lipstick for that one day.

REMEMBER! Flash photography takes out about 30-40% of colour. I tend to put on a little it more blush than normal for photos, so it shows up in a nice glow.

I’m not wearing false lashes because it would save me time and I went to work straight after doing the looks. False lashes is an option for the bride, as some may not feel comfortable wearing them or probably just don’t even need them at all.

No more ramblings….

Wedding look #1
Top is Lipstick