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Friday, September 20, 2013

Alive... Just been busy!

So I got swamped with work during non-peak season, so technically when other Makeup Artists told me it's quiet during the winter... They LIED!  Now that wedding season started again (September to May is peak season), I am absolutely booked to the brim.  I mean it's a good thing and it means I'm in demand and I am making money, but I feel like I have no life.  Social life is very low and I'm starting to feel sad and lonely.  I hope I don't turn into a lonely old woman who only works.

Anyway even though I work heaps I still eat, I live without eating so I do have some good food porn to share with everyone.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and salivating over them too.

Off to work, more paper work to do before rushing off early in the morning for more weddings/bridal trials/hair trials/special occasion... then paper work again.

Did you miss my face?  Korean style selfie, because my skin was absolutely perfect looking here!