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Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy Winter season & catching up

Winter season in Perth isn't exactly the best this year round.  We've been having some pretty bad storms and it's so windy that trees are actually being blown over and ripped out of the ground.  However after a couple of days it's suddenly nice and sunny again.  It's so unpredictable it's not funny, but I have noticed that it tends to be stormy, windy and rainy on days where I am super busy and I need to be in different locations for work.  I get poured on as I'm rushing out to the car to go off to the next job and then the minute I get into the driver's seat.  It instantly stops.  I'm not joking here, I seriously feel I'm always running into bad luck or bad timing.  Thankfully I have yet to get sick though so I'm grateful for that!

Many things had happened and I've been so busy I'm starting to always feel tired, exhausted, out of focus and even on a day off I just feel so tired I don't want to do anything.  Haven't really been hanging out with friends or going out for dinner etc.  I rather stay home and mope around.  Do some house chores and then lay around doing nothing.

Perhaps its time I need a break?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planning? Nah We Don't Need It.

When you've been in the industry long enough, you end up making friends with other talents you meet along the way.  Some you'll never work again, some you'll work with from time to time and others will simply be co-workers and your friends.

I'm grateful to all the amazing talents I've met.  They had given me experiences and made me grown from a graduate completely lost makeup artist to someone who is now confident with her skills and even conquering her journey with hairstyling.  

Here is some beautiful photos of a last minute shoot together with an amazing photographer and friend.

Photographer:  Elle J Fashion Photographer
Model:  Jacqui Hunt (self styled)
Hair and makeup:  Mandy To,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Artistry, New Cabinet and Food

Been busy even though it's supposed to be quiet season since it's Winter.  Perth had also gotten very cold here and my fingers are so stiff and cold at the moment, typing is extremely difficult!

I seriously love my job, to an extent that being out in the freezing cold, getting rained on numerous time or even tearing my tights is all worth it!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Asian Makeup

Being Chinese myself I often get chosen by clients based on my ethnicity and not my actual skills or portfolio.  Sometimes it's sad, but at the same time I understand their concerns!  Most of the time these Asian clients of mine will openly express their worries/ concerns about other makeup artists not being able to produce a makeup style they want.  I'm mainly talking about Korean, Japanese or Chinese styled makeup.  I get people asking all the time what's the different, it's all just makeup anyway.  Of course being the makeup artist I explain they are indeed not the same.  It's hard to explain sometime and I'm sure if you're into makeup and you look at them enough you'll notice the differences between them.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Vintage/Retro hair and makeup

So roughly about 2 weeks ago my amazing photographer friend had contacted me about shooting with her.  Her partner's grandparents owned a house that was very retro and I seriously did not know what to expect.  Upon arriving after a little bit of a drive, around 45 minutes or so I couldn't believe it the minute I walked into the house.  It certainly was very retro looking and kept in such well condition.  I seriously felt like time had reversed and I was suddenly in another era time.


Photographer: Natalie Blom of 14th Frame. @14thframe

Model: Janee'liz Blondde

Hair and Make Up: Mandy To @mkt86

Styling: Oh Deer Boutique @ohdeerboutique