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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo shoots & Rambles


Back to share more beautiful photos of two models I've worked with together recently.  Absolutely gorgeous photos and from two different Photographers who both have excellent photography skills.

Before that, if there is any bride-to-be out there I've wrote a little post on my professional blog on my website about taking care of your skin and included tips and tricks that could be useful to some of the soon to be brides.

The first shoot is with a gorgeous Korean model who is starting out, I've worked with her before and had met her during my makeup school days and absolutely loved her.  Perfect skin, lovely features and just overall gorgeous.  A sweet sweet girl to work with and I'm glad she had a load of fun that day shooting.  Thanks to Alex and Caitlyn from Hot Pixel Photography for being such an amazing team who had helped direct and educate the whole team on studio photo shoots.  Absolute joy working with this cute couple and had learnt a lot of new things.