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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drugstore cosmetics haul and review

Yet again I strike the stores and put another hole in my bank account. My never ending shopping when it comes to cosmetics is not a surprise anymore. I’ve given up; it’s just too hard to restrain yourself from something you love so much. I don’t ever regret spending the money on all those beauty products I buy. Maybe except those that isn’t all that great and I paid quite a bit for. There are still so many products I want to try from so many variety of brands out there, but when will I ever stop? Never probably, hahaha…

My new love at the moment is Harajuku cute little perfume bottles. They’re so cute and sadly I’m missing one out of the 5 original  I want to buy the red one when it’s on sale. I saw the summer and winter editions one and they were so cute too! I want them all! Hahaha! I don’t even know if I will actually use them, I think when I bought them I was only planning to use them as displays.

So I was supposed to be just popping into Target to get something for mum, but the cosmetic section was too hard to skip by. The sales signs and promotion signs were even harder to be ignored. I did limit myself to spending and only bought stuff I don’t have and had never tired or would like to try. In the end I didn’t really spend all that much since every item I bought was discounted.

I bought a couple of things from Maybelline, since they were having a $4 off their products in Target. So I ended up with 3 Quad palettes, brow pencil and mascara that people have been telling me is worth using. I also bought mascara from Rimmel, their newest on with the 1-2-3 looks mascara. Looks absolutely weird in my opinion but we don’t know until we try. It was on special otherwise I don’t think I would have bought it then. The last two are brushes, one from Manicare Cosmetica collection and one from Australis. It’s the first time I’ve seen brushes by Australis, so I’m guessing they’re quite new since they only had a small selection of them. Even though I wasn’t able to feel the texture of the brush like you could with the Manicare ones, I thought it looked pretty good in the package. So what the heck I’ll just give it a shot, it was cheap anyway.

The Maybelline eye shadows are alright, not great but not that bad. I was disappointed with Eyestudio PP-1 Winter Iris. It was not very smooth yet it was also not very pigmented so it was hard to actually get the colours to show. As you can see from the swatch I did on my hand it was pretty poor. However the Expert wear Eyeshadow 06 Amethyst Smoke and 30 Seashore Frost was not too bad. I did like the purple colour in amethyst smoke a lot though so I’m not too bothered that I bought them. I’ll find some way to use them and I’m sure of it. It’s kind of nice that it has a diagram on the back showing you where each colour goes so I guess if you’re a beginner these ones will really help you with application of shadows to get a smokey look.

Maybelline Define a brow is not that bad, the only down side to it is what ever you twist out and don’t use cannot be retracted! I didn’t know so I ended not being able to put the lid on or it’ll snap it and waste it. It’s not a good design for a pencil if it isn’t retractable. So be careful if you ever decide to buy it and try to remember only twist out a little bit at a time in order to maximise the use of it.
In love with Maybelline great lash mascara in Very Black. My short eyelashes are in love with the product because it done wonders to them. It extends them and thickens them to the right degree. Not clumping for me as of yet so I’m definitely really happy I decided to try this one.

The new Rimmel 1-2-3 look mascara is a BIG no-no for me. Just like any other mascara except it clumps for me so I’m not sure about anyone else. I tried the 3 and I was horrified to find that it was like scooping the mascara out of the bottle. I could barely see the mascara wand! Haven’t tried 2 because 1 seems like any normal mascara and 3 was horrible so 2 must be somewhere in between. I wonder how I’m going to use this. It was a waste of money in my opinion but I’m sure there are people out there who would appreciate it. This mascara is definitely not for me.

Now for the brushes, they’re both pretty good and they’re soft and non-prickly like some I’ve tried. However to use the Australis angled liner brush I find it hard to actually apply gel liner with it. I think it’s too fat and too wide so it makes it harder to get it close to the lash line and to great thinner lines at time. However it does work nice as an eyebrow brush for those who colour the brows in shadow or gel.

Have anyone else tried any of the products I mentioned above? If you have what do you think about them? It would be great to hear other people’s opinions.

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