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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cosmetics from Sasa

Finally an update after so long and I know I’ve been slack lately but work really caught up to me. I can’t believe I got drowned in work the minute I came back from my holiday. The sight of my office was ridiculous and I was pretty sure I left it in a VERY neat and work free condition. I had files stacked next to my table from the floor to the same height of the desk. Ridiculous right? Well that was the sight that welcomed me back at work and I actually felt like I wanted to cry. I was refreshed though from my 3 weeks holiday. Something I looked forward to for a very long time and I’m glad I finally gotten around to pampering myself. My first “real” holiday in 6 years. It had been study and work for the last 6 years, so I thought it was time I deserved a nice break.

I’ve been told by other bloggers that I should watermark my photos so that’s what I’m going to start doing from now on. So it’s a little more of a hassle but at least I’m not going to have people stealing photos and using them without my permission.

I’ve spent heaps during my trip, but it wasn’t really all that much on makeup since I wasn’t purchasing the expensive stuff. I actually wanted to try the affordable items that Sasa sells and I’m glad I bought some. Something new and some of them turned out pretty good for the value I paid for. It was all worth it since the time I was there the exchange rate for Aus Dollars to HK Dollars was 1:7. So much better than the last time I went back which was 1:4.8

I bought some small travel size palette, some was because it was cheap and the other was I thought it would be handy to carry in my bag. The first one is from the company Dobest, very simple, the colours are quite soft but they weren’t that pigmented so the colours are quite light. Total of 12 eye shadow colours in a slim compact was only HK$28 (AUS$4), so very cheap! They’re very smooth but the colours just aren’t as pigmented as they seem, so you may need to pat on a bit more to build up the colour.

I ended up buying 4 eye shadow palettes by Suki. I’ve used this brand previously, but it was their shimmer powders. It’s the first time I’m using their shadows/blushes, and quality wise they’re the same as the Dobest ones, the colours aren’t all that pigmented either, but the prices only ranged from HK$28 - $38 (AUS$4 – 5.5). I don’t regret buying them, because of the size they come in and the fact that the quality overall is not bad either. Will I purchase them again, that would be something I have to think about.

These two Cameleon eye shadow palettes are my favourite! Nice smooth texture and very pigmented. Love the bright colours they come in and definitely loved the prices I paid for them. The 36 colour palette was HK$56 (AUS$8), the smoothness of the shadows was amazing something much unexpected. Apparently it was quite a popular product in the store, especially for beginners who only just started using makeup. The down side to it from my point of view would be; the small amount of each colour, most likely to run out fast if it’s frequently used and the fact the case was a bit tight so it wasn’t easy to open.

This is the 24 eye shadow palette, for HK$36 (AUS$5.15) and in my opinion a bargain. It comes with a mirror in the compact and two applicators (not that I would be using them, but that’s not the point). The size of the shadows are of decent amount and very smooth and pigmented. Colours aren’t as nice as the 36 colour one but still have some nice shades. The case was a lot easier to open as well compared to the 36 colour palette.

Kanebo is a very popular brand that produces a lot of cosmetic products. Kate Eye shadow is definitely one of their and I’ve heard people rave about the quality of the shadows. I thought I should give it a go so I only bought one small eye shadow in a blue shade. It’s small and cute and on the back it has a picture instruction indicating where each colour is used on the eye lids. Talk about quality, definitely good stuff and surprisingly the white shade is actually a cream shadow and not powder. I was never a fan of cream shadows so I never really used them, but the texture was so soft and smooth and it wasn’t sticky at all that some other brands tend to give. A little expensive for something so small though it came to HK$88 (AUS$12.60).

I bought a concealer that I remember reading somewhere was good for dark circles under your eyes. I can’t remember the price because I threw out the package, but it was pretty expensive for something so small. However this light yellow concealer works wonders on me. I regret not buying more, though the Sasa shop I bought from (Sheng shui) only had one. It’s very popular in Hong Kong so I guess it’s worth the value and the bear on the package was so cute with dark circles under it eyes. I recommend this product, but I also heard it doesn’t suit all skin type and colour. So I guess some people probably won’t like it.

Sana, Pore Putty makes a lot of makeup base so I only bought these three. This one in the bottle is like a primer/foundation type of liquid and comes with a stick attached to the lid for getting the product out and applying the amount needed only. It’s very light and smooth, so not hard to blend at all. It’s kind of even out the skin tone of you face so that when you apply foundation over it the colour seems to balance more.

These two are also bases but with different purpose. The gold one is to brighten the skin tone with a hint of shimmer in it. Very easy to work with and you don’t need a large amount. The white one is a clear solution that comes out in a gel type form. At first I thought it wouldn’t be good because it felt thick. I was thinking it would feel heavy and sticky on the face as a base, but surprisingly it was easy to blend in and found that it evens out the face with a matte surface. They’re quite small so it can easily run out, but I don’t remember the prices I paid for these three items. I doubt they were expensive but I remember the one in the bottle was the last one on the shelf.

Couldn’t leave without buying lip glosses, I always do and this time round I didn’t fail to either. Saw these ones and thought the colours were nice, they had other colours as well but I choose these three at the time. The applicator wasn’t all that great, it’s a brush but it was rock hard to begin with and after my first use it got soft but a bit unruly. However I liked the gloss itself. The colours were nice and it the glassy kind of look with shimmer! It’s no sticky like some of the cheap products but rather smooth on the lips.

The last few items are 2 mascara that I wanted to try for a long time but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. I also bought two eyeliners that were on sale, originally HK$60 reduced to HK$29 each. They’re glitter liners and very small so handy to carry around. The texture are quite smooth and whether it’ll last or whether it is waterproof or not I will soon find out when I get a chance to use them. The mascara guard was very random I wasn’t meant to purchase it but for some reason at the last minute I did. I guess I just wanted to see if this thing actually helps or not, but I never tried it.

Before finishing up this long post I also bought some cute hair thing (what do we call these things?). I bought the rectangle ones first because they’re the standard ones, but I later saw these cute bow ones and couldn’t resist buying more. I like how it keeps the hair out of your face while you’re putting on makeup (yes they work like a charm). The bow ones are super cute too!

Contact lens cases! So freaking cute they are and i couldn't resist buying them. I bought them on special a pack of three for a VERY cheap price.

For now this is enough, the longest post I've ever done so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Until next time take care everyone :)
Before i forget how are the quality of the images? Is it better than my previous camera? I hope so. I think the close up pictures are so much clear and focused...

Disclaimer: I purchased every product mentioned in the post with my own money and I’m not being paid to review any items nor am I affiliated with the companies. These are just my honest opinions.

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