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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I do when I'm bored....?

When I'm bored and I have no inspiration I like to sit down in front of the computer and google images of makeup/celebrities/fashion/catwalk.  It helps with inspiration and gives me ideas to play around with.  However due to the fact that my eyes are of a certain type there are so much I want to try but unable to.  However I hope one day I'll find that perfect model to try them all on :)

Here are some pictures I googled and love...

The pictures above are actually all done by the same makeup artist.  One of my favourite makeup artists in the industry and that's Pat Mcgrath.  She is absolutely a geninus and her work are always stunning or out of the world.  It's not typical wearable makeup that she does since she works mainly backstage at fashion events.  Her works are definitely worth checking out!

Here are some other pictures I thought were pretty that I googled a couple of days ago...

Does anyone else google images for inspirations or flip through magazines when they are bored?  or is it just me :p hehehe


  1. I do! =D Google has become my number source for searching for inspirations. =) Great pictures!


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  2. Great photos! Also, is that Eugene?

  3. The only inspiration I usually get is through Blogs and magazines! Never thought of using Google! Really nice images you found though..its given me a few ideas for some new looks! Yay Xx

  4. @Dinah: hehehe Google is so good for inspirations! I've checked out your giveaway and it's awesome!

    @JC: Yep that's Eugene(i'm pretty sure it is)

    @Amy: You should try googling, but becareful of viruses out there so check the links before clicking on the images. I also check magazines and blogs for inspirations too :p but google is easier :)

  5. I love the sandara's makeup....

  6. omgosh the first two asian girls in the wearable makeup section are STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!

    wait isn't the 2nd one hye gyu ri or whatever her name is.. she was in hotelier? haha

  7. @Lisa: the 2nd asian is Song Hye Kyo, she was also in Full House and something else :p It's amazing how stunning you can look even when you're makeup is so simple and natural

  8. These are some really fab looks, now i want to go try a bunch of them! :)

  9. very interesting that asians always tends to go for natural beauty look compared to western people. i love all the looks though. i prefer western look more <3

  10. @Shannon: great to see you got inspired by some of them:) Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    @Anna Bell: natural is safe that's why. I think asian can pull off a lot of looks but i guess it is more common for them to keep things simple easy and natural. I wish i could do looks that are completely out there like the western styles but my eyes really do make it harder, but i'm determined to play aroudn more and see what else works :)


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