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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick update and photos of my cosmetic haul from Sasa

So as you guys would probably know I was on a 3 weeks trip to Hong Kong. I actually went to Beijing and Macau and Zhong Shan (My dad’s home town) as well while I was enjoying my first real vacation in 6 years.

Anyway I thought when I get back I would have some free time to update you guys on what stuff I bought. I was so wrong! I went straight back to my 2 job life and my official accounting job was hell. I was welcomed back with a whole stack of files stacked from the floor til it reached my table  How is that for the start of reality?

Anyway here are some photos of what I’ve bought from Sasa Cosmetics in Hong Kong. Cheap cheap cosmetics and some Japanese stuff among the purchase as well. I would share my other shopping with you but I think I went into overload while I was there and bought way too much. I ended up having to post a 10kg package back home from Hong Kong :p

While I’m at it I also managed to snag a new camera so hopefully after this post the photos will turn out clear and at a better quality for you guys. Here’s a test photo of the camera I got. It’s the Samsung PL150, the one with the dual screen so now taking photos of myself is going to be a charm!! I won’t have to do it so many times until I get the photo right 

Disclaimer: I purchase every product mentioned in the post with my own money and I’m not being paid to review any items nor am I affiliated with the companies. These are just my honest opinions.