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Friday, July 30, 2010

Coastal Scents Friday Sale July 07-30-10

Hi guys just an update to share a sale with you guys :D

hopefully i'll be able to do some updates on LOTDs and EOTDs soon.

I'm excited to show some looks with some of my new purchases recently. Like the Eve Pearl Palettes and the Coastal Scents Creative Me palettes.

Anyway Coastal Scents is once again having a sale and thought i share with you guys in case you're interested in purchasing some of their stuff from their website.

From the email i recieved:

We have a great offer that everyone will love, because everything can be on sale! Enjoy $5 off any purchase when you spend $25, take $10 off any purchase when you spend $50 and $20 off any purchase when you spend $100 or more. Check out Coastal Scents recommended product pick this week, which debuted on Tuesday. It's the Combo Set #6, which features our 88 Metal Mania Palette and our 88 Warm Palette.Happy Shopping and a safe weekend to all!


Hope you guys have a great weekend and i'll definitely update soon :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coastal Scents Haul/Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Hello! I was such a happy little girl when my package arrived for me at the office Monday morning. Nothing was going to ruin my day and nothing did because I was so eager to get home to open the package. Yes I know it is weird that I send my packages to the office. It is because that way I am definitely going to get it, also that way my mum doesn’t have to sit around at home waiting for a package she has no idea when it was coming. Of course I consulted my boss whether that would be alright and he gave me the thumbs up. It really is a big help that way the receptionist would be there ready to receive any packages.

Anyway I was dead beat the time I got home (I have two jobs so I work from day to night). I only managed to open and took photos of the products I bought, I also did the swatches. After that I showered and just passed out on my bed from sheer exhaustion. I slept like a baby that night and woke up early the next morning for another day. It wasn’t all that busy at work so I took some time off and did some quick photo editing here and there. Well I finally got them all done and so here I am ready to share with you guys my haul.

I apologise for the lack of FOTDs lately, I mean there isn’t anything exciting about my work makeup lately. The usual neutral colours and I’m still in the process of testing out my Eve Pearl Foundation and Concealer. So far I’m not complaining so hopefully by the end of my test period I’ll have some good news for you guys.

I didn’t haul a great deal, but I did get some stuff that I love and I’m glad I bought them.

Product List:

Lil’ Buki Brush US $0.99

Medium Camo Quad (Concealer) US $7.95

Black Deluxe Shadow Brush X2 US $2.49 (I put the other one into a shoe box where I am gathering things for my mini-giveaway when I finally reach 50 followers)

Large Pencil Crease Brush Black/Silver US $3.95

Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush US $2.39

Combo Set 3 – Creative Me #1
- Creative Me #2 Total US $37.95

Free Sample Blush (Princess J.)
I have heard quite a bit of a rave about their Camo Quad (Concealer) and so I thought I give it a try. I picked out the medium colours even though my skin tone is considered light. I just thought that the medium would suit me a lot better and I’m glad I chose this one over the light one. The texture is really nice and for such a cheap price I’m not complaining much. It blends easily on my skin, but I have yet to try it on my actual face so maybe I’ll keep you guys posted on it when I do finally try it.

I’m not sure what to use the white for, but I’ve seen other people review this product and I think they suggested the white can be used as highlight? On the website it says the white is used for the outside and inside corners of the eyes, to brighten up tired eyes.

Their makeup brushes are reasonably cheap so I thought I give them a shot

I bought these big oval shape brushes because I can’t find them here anywhere in Australia. It was affordable so I bought a black and a pink one to see what the difference is. I think the black ones just looks nicer because the silver on the pink doesn’t look as nice. It’s the type of metal material that scratches and gets dirty easily, but beside that them both does the same job and it doesn’t scratch on the face. Not super soft or smooth, but good enough for the cheap prices they are offered at. Washing brushes prior to use is essential, they have this chemical small to them and even Coastal Scents recommended washing with a mild soap and water before using. The pencil brush is not bad, very soft and doesn’t have a chemical smell but I washed it anyway. I’m not too hyped about their brushes but they are the more affordable ones for beginners or makeup addicts that don’t want to spend loads of dollars buying MAC brushes or other expensive brand ones. I think these ones works just as well and I don’t see any shedding that is definitely a plus for me.

The lil’ buki brush was something I just added to the cart because they were having a promotion and selling them at $0.99. It’s so cute and it definitely is small, but I think the size of it would be a quite travel size. However to me I think it would be great size for highlight/shimmer so that’s something that will come in handy for me since I love applying shimmer to my cheeks just above the cheek bones. For $0.99 there is no complaint about the quality, it is soft, and doesn’t scratch the face and no shedding. Can’t ask for more than that for the price I paid for it.

The next two products I’m in total love with. I bought Coastal Scents Combo Set #3, which consists of two palettes with 12 colours in each one. The Creative Me #1 and #2 are quite popular and I love them. They’re magnetic palettes and the shadows can be removed so you can refill them when you run out. They’re a part of the hot pots available for sale individually on Coastal Scents website. I believe the individual eyeshadows are US $4.49 each. They also sell empty magnetic palette on their site, the 12 pan for US $7.95 and 4 pan for US $4.95. Not too pricey and for those of you who live in the US you’re in luck as they have free shipping for orders over US $50!

The quality of the eyeshadows is very nice and they’re not expensive at all so I would recommend these for people who love bright colours or shimmer colours. Also great products for those who do not want to spend fortunes buying branded makeup. The original price for each palette is US $21.95 each, but when bought in the combo set #3 it is US $37.95. You don’t save a great deal but you do save US $5.95 if you buy them in the combo set.

The colours are vibrant and matte in the Creative Me #1 palette, with great pigmentation and the case is really strong and the magnet is great as they will not fall out if they are turned upside down.

The colours in the Creative Me #2 palette are all shimmers and personally I like this palette more than the #1 palette. I find this palette gives better colour/pigmentation payoff and is easy to blend and apply on silky smooth.

In the package beside two business cards Coastal Scents also include a small amount of free sample blush in a very tight plastic container I found nearly impossible to open. I guess it would insure it won’t spill during transit. I received a small sample of the blush colour Princess J. and thought I would share a quick swatch with you. It is really shimmery. The texture is smooth and it goes on very well and the colour is quite pretty. It makes me want to buy some other shades to try. Their blushes are a part of their mineral makeup branch, which I have not tried. Perhaps another time I’ll give them a shot, but not anytime soon.

I can’t wait to use the palettes and to try out the camo quad, I’ve heard some great reviews on Coastal Scents and I can see that I’ll love them as well.
Just an update, my first mini-giveaway will be when i finally reach 50 followers. it'll consist of two prizes so i'm at 25 which is only halfway. I have been gathering things during some of my shopping trips and putting them into a shoe box. The box is pretty full of stuff so I can't wait until i finally reach 50 :D

More information can be found on their website at:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or being paid to do this review. All products were bought with my own money unless stated. This review is based on my personal opinions and may not be the same as everyone else’s.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

EOTN/LOTN for Ladies’ Night Club Event

Finally an actual update on a look I did for Saturday night with a couple of friends. The night didn’t turn out that great because the DJ was completely wrong. I have never seen a DJ play the same songs over and over again! You think twice is enough, nope he played some songs four or five times.

Anyway onto what I did for my look just for the night out. I used mostly Eve Pearl products since I’m still in the process of testing out their stuff I bought from them last time. I will do a proper product review on their stuff in another week or so.

Product List:

The Body Shop – Primer Moisturise It
Eve Pearl HD Duo Foundation – Light
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer Trio – Fair/Medium
Eve Pearl Loose Setting Powder – Light/Medium
Eve Pearl Eye Palette – Ultimate Eyes
Chi Chi Black Liquid Liner Pen
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Define – Noir? (Forgot what the colour name was, but it’s just black)
Maybelline Great lash mascara – Waterproof
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil – Pink Nude
NYX Round Lipgloss – Whipped

This is the palette for Ultimate Eyes which I have done swatches for in a previous post on my blog so check it out here if you’re interested in the swatches

I used the light cream white for brow highlight and inner tear ducts/corners.

Gold is for the lids in general and then used to retouch at the end of the eyes were completed.

Brown is for outer corner and crease, blended out to reduce the harshness of the dark brown colour.

Green is for lower lash line, but it was placed over the Rimmel Black eyeliner.

The black was to set the liquid liner so it didn’t look harsh or like it obviously drawn flat with a pen liner.

Anyway here is what it turned out to be, and yes I am wear coloured contacts.

Here’s a comparison from a completely nude eye and a completed eye. I thought it would be fun to see the difference.

Without Flash, just artificial light from my lamp on the dressing table.

With flash from my Samsung camera and excuse the red eyes, after a whole week of work and lack of sleep it was not something I could avoid.

I also thought it would be fun to see a completely nude face with no makeup but moisturiser on and compare it to a completely finished face with hair done as well.

My god I look so different, the bouncer at the door held my license up against my face and frowned. I think he thought i was using a fake ID.

Anyway that’s all for now, I think I’m getting my Coastal Scent package Monday because it didn’t come Friday as they estimated. I’m excited to try their products and I can’t wait to show you guys too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eve Pearl "Black Pearl Sale" Haul

Just wanted to share my haul from Eve Pearl. I nearly didn’t make their Black Pearl Sale where their products were 50% off. Luckily I got there in time and I just got them recently. I won’t be reviewing all the products I’ve bought from them, but I will share some photos with you.

To give you guys a better and more accurate review of their products I want to use them for like two weeks before coming to a conclusion. However today I will share the eyeshadow palettes swatches with you.

List of products and prices:
(NB: prices are all original prices; I got them all at 50% off)

Anti-shine Mattifying Gel (Light/Medium) – US $20
HD Dual Foundation (Light) – US $54
Salmon Concealer Trio (Fair/Medium) – US $50
Loose Setting Powder (Light/Medium) – US $22
Eye Palette (Emerald Eyes) – US $40
(Diva Eyes) – US $40
(Ultimate Eyes) – US $40
I love their packaging, very simple but look so glam/classy. One of the eyeshadow palette packaging was different to the other two, so I’m assuming it might have been the previous packaging? One palette also came with the small eyeshadow applicator and the other two didn’t get one. I’m not fuss about that since I never use them anyway.

Here are the products’ information all taken from the box, you can probably find more of it on their website at;
Other shades are also available, shades mention are ones that I bought to suit my skin tone.

Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel (Light/Medium)
Net Vol: 15ml
This fast acting mattifying gel works instantly to control shine for oily and combination skin.
To use: Apply a thin layer as often as necessary. Let dry before applying makeup. Dab gently over makeup to retouch.

HD Dual Foundation (Light)
Silky Smooth Cream Texture
Versatile Sheer to Full Coverage
With CosmeNutrients
- A multi-functional combination of 2 foundations. Apply with a brush, sponge or fingers. Use water to dampen the sponge for sheerest application.
- The unique texture is versatile for full, medium or sheer coverage to achieve that beautiful flawless looking skin every time.
- The colour combination of the foundations will adjust to your skins needs. Will help create natural looking highlights and contours as it adjusts to the changes in your skin tone due to weather, sun exposure and your body chemistry.
- CosmeNutrients; The fusion of cosmetics with nutrients. Combining the unique blends of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants into multi-functional cosmetics formulations. The luxurious makeup provides light, non greasy, smooth application, allowing your skin to breath. The nutrients nourish and help protect, restore and renew your skins texture and elasticity. Reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Salmon Concealer Trio “A” (Fair/Medium)
Net Vol: 16ml
This product did not come with a box therefore no information was provided. Please refer to the website for further information.

Loose Setting Powder (Light/Medium)
Net wt: 15 grams
This product did not come with a box therefore no information was provided. Please refer to the website for further information.

The eyeshadow palettes I love! The colours are beautiful and the texture is smooth so it glides on very well. May seem a little pricey, but since I got them on sale I’m not complaining. They’re small so it great for carrying around in your bag. I’ve done some swatches from the palettes for you guys to see (Sorry if the quality of the photos is crap).

Just so you guys know all the swatches are just one swipe of the colour, not continuous swipe to pick up more colour. So in my opinion the eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to blend and apply.
All swatches for the eyeshadows does not have a base, they are all on my bare skin which is quite light.

Emerald Eyes – 7.2g/0.25oz
Ideal shades of green/bronze
(No names were stated on the packaging for the colours)

Diva Eyes – 7.2g/0.25oz
Colours included:
Sugar Plum, Cinnamon, Desert Rose
Black Frost, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green

Ultimate Eyes – 7.2g/0.25oz
Colours Included:
Natural Cream, Golden Pearl, Shimmer Rose
Deep Brown, Emerald Green, Rich Black

That’s all for now, I’ll do another review for the foundation and others at a later date when I’ve used them for a couple of weeks. That way my review is accurate and I can give a more honest opinion about the products.

Before I forget the website is quite good as there are tutorials and makeovers personally done by Eve and her team.

Anyway if your guys had used their products before I would love to hear what you guys think about them.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated nor do I get paid to mention these products or review them. All products mentioned above are purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are also my personal ones and may or may not be the same as other people.