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Saturday, May 29, 2010

FOTD - Purple Amethyst

Just a last post to share my Face of the day with everyone. It was finally a sunny day to start the weekend. It had being pouring like crazy here in Perth, but I guess it was way overdue (the rain that is). Getting ready to spend the day with a couple of girls is always something I look forward to. Lunch, shopping and of course to finish off with a nice cup of coffee in the late afternoon.

I felt quite happy when I woke up this morning so instead of keeping my hair straight and went and quickly curled it with my flat iron. Good old quick flat iron is the way I always curl my hair when just want to give it some loose curls and waves. No need to hassle with hot curlers or the curling tongs.

My make up is quite simple today because for such a nice day there is no need to pile on the makeup and my skin was being great, barely any blemishes at all! All photos were taken with natural light shining through my window so hopefully the colours really stand out or maybe not.

I primed, concealed and put on foundation before hand so go ahead and use the ones that suits you best. Earlier I did a quick review on the Maybelline eyshadow quad on Amethyst Smokey. I used the shimmer purple over the lids and the dark purple to crease and do the outer corners. I skipped the black because I didn’t want to make my eyes look so dark. Then used the white to highlight the brow and the inner corners (eye duct?) of my eyes. I mixed the two purple and lined half of the bottom lash line. Lining the whole lash line would have been too harsh so I only did half of it, where it was from thick to thin as I lined in towards the centre.

I did use eyeliner but I used Arezia diamond liquid eyeliner in purple (code 201437). It’s a glitter liner so you probably can’t really see it in the photos but it is there! I quickly whacked on mascara by Majorca. I added a bit of a pink shade to my cheeks from one of my Suki palettes that I bought in Hong Kong so you can really just pick which ever pink shades you prefer. I finished my lips with Maybelline colour sensation lipstick in Pink Sand (005) and Noir Blanc lip gloss with shea butter in shade number B433.

So here is the complete finish look with glasses on of course, was too lazy to put in my contacts. Sorry about my hair colour, it is way overdue for a recolour but I just got too busy and lazy about it so I left it alone.

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