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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Been a Busy Bee...

Been a long time since I've updated or shared photos on this blog.  I've been so busy I hardly have time to even relax.  I'm constantly feeling tired and exhausted to the point I just want to shower and crawl into bed.  I recently starting working at another photography studio so my diary been jammed pack since.  I'm happy at how more work I am getting booked for and how busy it is.  It only means I am improving in terms of makeup artistry skills and my business is taking off.  Freelancing as a Makeup Artist had made a much happier person and I'm very glad I had the guts to take that leap off the cliff.

Anyway here are loads of photos that I had shared on instagram.  Even photos from Chinese New Year, which was a complete whirlwind for me with juggling work and family celebrations.

I am waiting on some photos from a photo shoot and can't wait to share them!  I am beyond excited and hopefully I'll be able to post and update on it.  However for now please stay tuned...

Mumma's CNY Orchids and decor.