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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fashion Photo Shoot

I love being a makeup artist and most of all I love shooting fashion, it's so much more dramatic and exciting but I also love the experience of doing makeup just for that everyday woman.  The joy my clients get when they look into the mirror for the first time after a complete hair and makeup application is priceless.  The fact that I can nail their description of what hair and makeup they want without having them feel too over whelmed and out of their comfort zone is something I take pride in.  However when it comes to a fashion shoot, everything seems so much more fast pace.  It's like this sudden adrenaline rushes through you and you get pumping with the hair and makeup deisgns to go with the fashion outfits.  That amazing feeling at the end of the shoot when everything is done and you're left with one big mess to clean up (never look forward to cleaning ever!).  However when I see photos of clients and the photos of the fashion shoot, they both makes me smile in such a different way.

Here I am today just to share with you some awesome photos from a recent shoot, it was so much fun yet I had one heck of a good time working with one great team.


Photography:  Fifi Photography at Fifi's Model Academy
Stylist: A Penny for your Threads aka Zoe van Zanten
Models:  Mia Poklevich, Julka Moroz & Zoe van Zanten
Hair and Makeup: Mandy To

Monday, February 17, 2014

The colours of Summer

Last year some time in October (I think), I had the pleasure with working with a great team again on a photoshoot.  A great friend of mine and a local designer Petra Vanessie produced a collection of gorgeous dresses fit for a lovely summer.

Photographer: Alex Bell @ Sundaysunset.images
Designer: Petra Vanessie
Stylist: Meg Gill
Hair stylist: Sarah Rowe @ Your Image Hair and Makeup
Makeup: Mandy To @ Man Ki To Makeup Artist
Models: Jude Geradin & Sacha Patterson
Assistants:  Andrea & Natasha

Makeup note:  Foundation is airbrushed on for both models.

2014 is kicking off too fast...

2014 is definitely kicking off really fast for me.  I feel like I'm too slow or that just me aging?  However I'm seriously enjoying the year so far, except today after waking up with a sore throat so definitely not a good sign.  Anyway putting aside today's bad start to the week I've been swamped with work so far so that's a big thumbs up for my business.  I seriously love what I do and being a makeup artist is the best thing I've done for myself ever.  No regret what so ever!

 One skirt that I'm a major fan of lately because of the beautiful mustard like yellow.  So how do you wear this but make it look different?