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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Forgotten Photoshoot from 2013

With so much that had happened in 2013 I can't believe I've actually forgotten about a photoshoot I had sponsored all the way back in June 2013.  Looking through the photos the other week I was just thinking and criticizing my own work, like usual hahaha.

Back in June Elle-J Photographer a good friend of mine had asked me if I would help out and do makeup for the winner of Miss Africa Perth 2013.  I had time and I went ahead with it and had met a lovely young lady with gorgeous skin that needed very little work on.

The foundation was flawless with the already great skin, which I had chosen to airbrush with Temptu s/b Foundation.  She only need some light concealing under the eyes, around the nose, corner of the lips and had some tiny bit of blemishes.

I absolutely adore doing dark skin makeup and had so much fun with it, especially the end where she wanted some creative, bold and bright makeup to finish the shoot with a bang!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New hair for 2014!

I couldn't stand my hair anymore.  I had cut it shorter previously and then I got buried in work and it grew.  My hair grows fast it annoys me sometimes, yet it's good when I want to grow it long again.

I don't work in a corporate world anymore so I don't need to be as appropriate or mindful of my appearance.  The perks of being in a creative/artistic industry means I can let loose a bit.

I wanted short hair, however I have this perfectly round face!  So what's better than having an asymmetrical hair cut right?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gorgeous Bridal trials and work related photos.

Thought I would share a couple of bridal trials that I've done recently.  Brides are such lovely ladies who are all excited about their big day.  After all they did spend a lot of time planning it and finding that perfect dress.

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 First Blog Post

Hope everyone had a great start to 2014, I can't say mine was bad but I can't say it started off with a bang either.  My break was certainly not long enough and my body is already aching and sore and my shoulders are super tensed.  Bridal season is still going strong and despite the super hot weekends we've had (over 40 degrees celcius), brides are still glowing and chirpy.  The heat certainly makes me crankier and I'm constantly dreading the moment I have to leave for another job!  Hahaha even my car is hotter than actually standing out in the heat.  Blasting aircon is the only way to go this summer and I'm certainly happy that business is flying off already for 2014.

Christmas and pre-new year celebrations was spent with my brother's little family and his in-laws.  It's a first for our family as these celebrations had always been just us.  Food of course was amazing, how can it not since it is the season to EAT!  Coming from a family of chefs, I only know how to eat and I don't like cooking.  I can cook but I choose not to, I rather eat and eat and eat.  I cannot bake!  Baking is like telling me to burn down the house so it's the one thing I probably will never attempt to do ever again.

This was Christmas dessert! Mango Pudding, Pavlova and coconut sago jelly and that bag is prawn crackers (so typical asian).   Unfortunately I was starving and I completely forgot to take a photo of the actual lunch!  DOH!