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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chi Chi Haul Part II – Glitter Eyeliner Pack

Hello to the beauty and makeup lovers. I am back today to share my second part of my Chi Chi Haul from Target from not too long ago. I will continuously apologise for my lack of updates with my busy schedule. I appreciate everyone who is following and seeing the numbers increase puts a smile on my face and I thank you all for doing that.

Today for the second part I’ll share with you Chi Chi’s Glitter Eyeliner pack. The original price for this pack is $19.95 AUD and because it was 20% off I got it for $15.96AUD. This pack includes 6 mini size bottle of their Glitter Eyeliners. I already own the black one in the original size so I will be taking that mini size one out and putting it into the giveaway bag for my first giveaway. The black one was not swatched from that bottle but from the original one that I already own.

I don’t have the names of each colour and I can’t be bothered trotting into a store that stocks Chi Chi and writing names down of each colour. I’m not even sure they actually have name.

Here are some swatches of the glitter liner.

Now to the good and bad about this product. One swipe of the liner gives you a nice amount of glitter needed over black eyeliner. It’s not overly glittery and it doesn’t fall out after a whole night out. I’m assuming most glitter eyeliners take time to dry and so these Chi Chi ones does too, but once they dry they don’t budge. Well at least they don’t budge for me, I’m not sure about anyone else, since we all have different skin condition. I love their glitter eyeliner and so I thought the gift pack might be nice since it takes a long time to use one full tube.

It is a smooth application and it doesn’t feel clumpy at all like some glitter eyeliners do. At first when I first tried them I though it would be sticky but it dries very well and you won’t feel you got this gel glitter eyeliner on you eyelids. I actually prefer these ones over the NYX glitter eyeliners, even if I have to pay more for the Chi Chi ones.

Before I forget I actually don’t like the blue one out of all of them. I think because I didn’t like how it came out blue as well, it’s not a clear liquid but a blue one.

The original price for the normal full size is $12.95AUD and this black one is apparently called “Get it on and boogie”. So I’m guessing the others have names too, but I don’t know what they are and the pack doesn’t say either. I guess it would be nice if they do start labelling the products on the back of the cases if not on the actual product itself. Would have been nice to know the names of the colours so next time if I do choose to buy a full size I know what it’s called.

Chi Chi Haul Part I – Eyeshadow Palettes

This is just part 1 to my Chi Chi haul that I picked up from Target and the reason why I’m splitting them up into 3 parts is because that way the post isn’t super long. There are also a lot of photos so I didn’t want to cram it all into on update. I just thought it would look nicer and be easier to read if I split them up.

So here I am doing the first part and yes they’re eyeshadow palettes from the Chi Chi range. I picked up two palettes and they’re “Basic Instinct” and “Club Tropicana”. I got these for 20% off so they only cost me $15.96 AUD, but the original price for them is $19.95 AUD each.

Here are some swatches from each palette without any eyeshadow base and with eyeshadow base (Esstee Lauder Eyeshadow Base).

I already own one of their palettes prior to the purchase of these two and that was “Don’t Pimp My Style”. I just thought it would be nice to include the swatches for this palette as well.

No it’s time to tell you guys what I think about the palettes…

First off I have to say the size of them is really nice, very handy and something you can carry in your bag or go travelling with. The palette actually also includes a mirror and a brush under the eyeshadow, by sliding it out (I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo of that). However the brush is very tacky and it wouldn’t be something I would use. I rather substitute the brush for two sponge applicators instead.

Some of the eyeshadow are of good quality and applies smoothly, but I find there is always one that is not that great. The not so great one I tend to find that they are either very powdery, hard, or just not that easy to use and blend.

However I do have to say that with the right base the eyeshadows can really bring out some nice pigmented colours. They’re not that bad to use and I think they’re still affordable to those who aren’t into spending big bucks on makeup just yet.

I like the packaging, the plastic isn’t those soft cheap ones. It’s the strong sturdy plastic that won’t crack just by dropping it on the floor (though you shouldn’t be dropping it on the floor anyway). They have a bit of a range of nice colour collection so I’ll probably check them out when another sale for them comes around (I’m into buying makeup on a budget now).

I do think there is some work that needs to be done on those awkward eyeshadow that just not that great in each palette. It would be so much nicer if all the texture was smooth and soft and easy to use and blend, but I have to say nothing is perfect.

From what I know Chi Chi is an Australian brand so I’m not sure if you can actually get this anywhere overseas. If you can please do leave a message in the comment section.

I know in Australia the current places that stock Chi Chi is Target and Myer. I haven’t really seem them being stocked anywhere else.

Have anyone else tried Chi Chi products or eyeshadows?

I got my MISCHIC package the other day and I can’t wait to getting around to using them. I’m still waiting on my Face Canvas because they were sold out and was on back order. However they sent me my other stuff and even sent some gifts along to make up for not having Face canvas on hand. They’re so nice! Hopefully I’ll get around to swatching and reviewing their products after I’ve done some of the other pending updates.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Glitter is my Crack Massive Giveaway!

Glitter is my crack... a beauty blogger is having a massive giveaway where there will be 5 winners!!! that's right there is 5!!!! winners!!!

i haven't seen so much generosity ever from a blog giveaway!

and the stuff been given away are just too awesome :D i was drooling as i look at the photos

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KittenMittens Giveaway!!!

I only recently found this blog but it is amazing. i haven't yet finished reading everything but i'm getting there slowly.

She's having a giveaway and she has some awesome stuff.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Face Shop Nail Polish Mini Haul and Swatches

I have never tried anything from this brand so this is the first time and I only picked up some nail polishes. I think next time I might pick up some of their makeup or beauty range like a moisturizer or something and try them out. The Face Shop is products made in Korea so I’m quite interested in trying things out from them. However the shop is really small so I don’t think the range is all that big, but I guess there is no choice about that.

For those who live in Perth Australia this is on located in the city between Murray Street and Hay Street in Piccadilly Arcade. Otherwise for those interested in checking out the brand they have a website here:

Anyway they were selling nail polishes for $4AUD each otherwise it was 4 for $12AUD so I got four of them.

I got four colours that seemed to have caught my eyes.

OR205 – Is a bright orange
YL702 – Is a bright yellow

These two apply on smoothly and the coverage is ok with a minimum of 2 to 3 coats so it’s not too bad for the price I paid for them.

OR204 – is a clear red with glitter particles in it

Therefore this one dries all rough and bumpy because of the glitter. It also a clear kind of red so it turns out a bit pink to my eyes. Not my favourite or my kind of nail polish.

WH004 – Is a clear polish with glitter and stars in it

It’s not easy to pick up the stars in the bottle and then transferring them onto the nails so that was a bit of a disappointment; though I think it looks nice if you can get the glitter and stars onto the nail.

My honest opinion for these is only ok and nothing special. Not something you must have but for that kind of price I can’t really complain too much. They work better than some name branded ones and some cheap brands ones are more expensive than these ones. I remember the colour range for the nail polishes wasn’t all that big, but I may go back for more depending on how my mood is when I’m shopping there next time. However I saw they sold false eyelashes and my cousin had recommended them, thus I may buy some next time to test them out.

Have anyone else used anything from The Face Shop brand? If so please do share your opinions on them.

NYX Haul from Joy’s Cosmetics on Ebay

Sorry for my lack of post and updates on my blog, but I’m trying to hang in there despite being tired and busy. Anyway not too long ago I spoiled myself yet again with some NYX stuff and I love them. I don’t think I would ever stop loving NYX. They’re good stuff and they’re cheap as well so it means I can buy more goodies.

I bought these on Ebay from Joy’s Cosmetics, and it is my second time making a purchase from here. It’s reliable and the shipping is so fast. If you ever ask a question the reply is also fast. Customer service is great here and I love that they care about their customers. She gives quotes on shipping and you don’t have to accept the quote if you’re not satisfied. Everything goes smoothly and I know I’ll definitely be buying from Joy’s Cosmetics again.

Anyway here is a list of things I bought.

6 Round Lip Gloss
2 Mega Shine Lip Gloss
3 Doll Eye Mascara
3 Jumbo Eye Pencil
3 Studio Liquid Liner
2 NYX Blush Powder

Joy’s Cosmetics also does a promotion where you spend $30USD you get a random gift.

The gifts I got with this purchase are:

1 Scented Spray on Glitter
1 Mega Shine Lip Gloss
1 Lip Liner
1 Auto Lip Liner

Swatches for blush are so hard to capture and I just couldn’t get a good photo of a non-flash photo so I gave up and just stuck with a flash photo. I apologise for not trying a bit harder but I can never get it right with it comes to blushes. Anyhow this time round I got two of them because I liked the one I bought last time in the shade Raisin. The two shades I picked out this time is, Pinched and Natural. Pinched being a shimmer and Natural being matte and a lighter shade. Personally I find Natural works better for me.

One thing I will never get sick of from the NYX range is their Jumbo Eye Pencils! They’re super creamy and pigmented, with a cheap price attached to them which is major bonus. I got three this time and I’m absolutely in love with the green on I got this time. Horse Raddish is a beautiful green colour and even though I have yet to use it I can’t wait. Milk is just a white but good for brow bone highlight and inner corner highlights. It’s a great creamy and smooth texture just makes it so nice when you glide it on. Pure Gold looks beautiful too, but I have not yet found out how I will use this gold colour. I rarely use gold but I saw how nice it looked and I just had to buy one anyway. Bad habit buying colours I don’t use, but sometime I can’t resist and I’m pretty some of you guys could relate to how I felt then.

I think the Studio Liquid Liners are kind of new, because I don’t remember seeing them or perhaps I’m just very far behind on their collection since the country I live in is deprived of this great brand. Their so bright and the colour pigmentation is so good I was “Oohing” as I swatched them on my hand. Glides on and it shines in light so I really like that. The only thing I didn’t like about it was it takes some time to dry some it isn’t something that you can just whack on fast and expect it to dry instantly.

It is my first time trying the Mega Shine Lip Gloss, I didn’t know what to expect of them and to be honest I prefer the cheaper Round Lip Glosses over these ones. I find Mega Shine is sticky and thicker and the two I got isn’t really all that pigmented at all. It doesn’t glide on the lips as easily as the Round Lip Glosses so I’m not big on these ones. Have anyone else tried them? What are your opinions on them? It would be great to hear them, so just leave a message in the comment section of the post.

My last Round Lip Glosses haul consisted of some more nude and light colours, this time round I went for the brighter and bolder colours and I’m glad I did because I found some really nice colours among the collection. The bright and bold colours can be so attractive and I don’t normally like buying colours like some of the ones I picked out. I think I’m starting to like brighter and bolder colours on the lips. Especially if my eyes are going to be a bit neutral I would pair it with brighter lips Loving the colour of Wild Orchid and Frosted Plum a lot.

I bought all three of the Doll Eye Mascara collection because it was cheaper if I buy the set. I have no idea what the difference are and the bottle looks the same. Even the mascara wand looks exactly the same. It only says Long lash, Volume and Waterproof. So I’m going have to really put in some time and actually test them out and figure out what the difference between the three is.

Now onto the freebies, I just did the swatches for them. Nothing special and I already got the Lip Liner Pencil in that shade so I threw the free one into the bags containing giveaway gifts that I’ve been collecting for the 50 followers giveaway (When I finally get there).

I also noticed the Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Rust which is the free one is in a different packaging compared to the two that I ordered. It’s plainer where I noticed the other two has a cute little bow on the top of the cap. I’m guessing the packaging had changed.

I hope he swatches was helpful and feel free to share your opinions in the comment section. In case anyone is interested in buying from Joy’s Cosmetics from Ebay the link is here:

I am in no way affiliated with Joy’s Cosmetics and I am not paid to review NYX products nor am I being paid to advertise for Joy’s Cosmetics. What I’m sharing is purely my own experience and opinions.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eve Pearl HD Duo Foundation, Trio Salmon and Loose powder Review

Hi guys, I should of done this review quite a while ago. However I wanted to give a more accurate review on what I thought about their products that I bought over a month ago. Gave it a good testing and I have to say I quite like it, even though my first impression wasn’t exactly great because I had a bit of doubt.

Anyway I’ll start off with the HD Duo Foundation and I bought the shade in light. The shade is very nice, it really fits me well and I’m surprise at how well it goes as well. I have to say it is a bit hard to work with because it a bit thick, but after watching some tutorials on Eve Pearl’s website I learnt to blend it in the proper way. I know it looks weird because you would think; why does it have two different shades? How would you use two shades on your face?

Well watch the tutorials on the website, they really do help and they also explain where to put the light and darker shades. Eve herself had done a tutorial using herself in it to show how to use the Duo Foundation. She has other videos where she had done a makeover for Youtube gurus like Pursebuzz and Temptalia. There are also tutorials for people of all skin type so I found her website very handy.

The lighter shade goes on the nose, eyes, side of the face (jaw line) and just a little bit above the darker shade. For the darker shade you would put that on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is recommended to blend outward and to start from the forehead and work your way down (I think, might need to check the tutorials again to make sure). Don’t worry you won’t have weird patches

The one very important thing when blending the foundation shades together is to use a wet makeup sponge. The wetness of the sponge blends the foundation together better and makes it a smoother application. I find it works quite well and that even after having to touch up certain areas and layering on top, I don’t feel like I have loads of makeup piled on my face. It feels really light and the coverage is good as well.

The salmon concealer is supposed also an eye treatment and Eve recommend that if you have darker circles under your eyes you should use a darker concealer. I ended up buying a trio one so I can vary from summer season to winter season when my skin shade changes. It’s like the foundation, a cream base and is kind of thick to begin with but using the wet sponge to work it in, I think it does well for me. I haven’t had a concealer that covered my dark circles so well. It really made a big difference to me and I’m happy with it. Eve puts on the concealer after the foundation and normally when I use concealer I prefer to put it on before foundation. That’s because I find it a lot easier to blend, but putting on after was just as easy when I used the concealer with the HD Duo Foundation. I definitely love the products so far.

I also purchased the loose setting powder instead of the photo finished pressed powder as I find loose powder works better for me compared to pressed powder. It’s very light and translucent. I didn’t find anything special in particular compared a normal powder that I buy from a drugstore so I can’t say I’m thrilled about it or that it’s not good. It’s the typical standard loose setting powder for setting the foundation and concealer.
Even though the products are generally quite pricey to buy and the fact that I have to order it online I probably won’t purchase it as often as I would with other foundations. However it does work and it feels great on the face, not cakey or dry and I was never a fan of the cream foundations ever. I had always been the liquid foundation girl.

I recommend Eve Pearl products to those who are looking for great coverage yet light/sheer feel when applied. Great customer service and fast postage is always a bonus to a nice smooth transaction. Don’t forget to look out for promotions and sales!

I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned and is not being paid to do this review. Everything mentioned above is my own personal experience and opinions of the products.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Sorry guys and I know I’ve been MIA for a bit. I’m not neglecting the blog and you know I love beauty and makeup so I would never neglect that. Been a bit busy lately so taking ages to do a post. I’m just quickly popping in to apologise and to give you guys a quick update on what I have waiting to be done.

Eve Pearl HD Foundation, concealer and powder review
I’m working on this one currently and trying to give a better review to help people who haven’t tried the product yet. Of course the review is based on my own opinions of the products and may not be the same for everyone.

After that these updates will be coming shortly in no particular order as I know I have a lot to do to prepare for these updates

Chi Chi Haul
2 eyeshadow palette
Glitter nail polish pack
Glitter eyeliner pack
Super long lash mascara

The Face Shop Haul
4 nail polishes

Beauty Babes Haul
Eyeshadow Palette
Nail polish pack

Too Faced
Shadow Insurance – eye primer

NYX Haul
6 round lip gloss
2 mega shine lip gloss
3 jumbo eye pencil
3 mascara
3 studio liquid liner
2 Blush powder
(Gifts from purchase)
1 scented spray on glitter
1 mega shine lip gloss
1 lip liner pencil
1 auto lip liner

Saturday, August 14, 2010

TAGGED: Beauty Survey

Was tagged by the beautiful LisaMarie at

So here I am answering some questions

What’s your favourite Makeup Look??
Only one? I prefer either Smokey or neutral. I love bright colours but sometime it is just too much of a hassle to match outfits with them. So something that is easy to match or easy to wear is always a favourite.

What part of your body do you love?
Something I have never thought of. So honestly I have no idea what part I actually like. I have been told I have nice lips though, but in my opinion nothing special really.

Who is your Beauty Icon??
Oh geez… didn’t think answering these questions would be that hard. I’m not really sure but the first couple of people that came to my mind were…
Eva Longoria
Jessica Alba
Mirranda Kerr
Kim Kardashian
Can’t really think of anyone else at the moment.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly good?
A good moisturizer/primer. It like they gives my skin a good moisture and keeps it nice and soft. I tend to have dry skin so it definitely makes me feel good afterward, without a doubt. Then again makeup in general makes me feel good anyway hahaha.

How do you look after your skin?
I eat a lot of vegetables (does that even make a different?). I pamper my face with a mask once every two months. I use moisturiser to keep it moist. Nothing special really, probably what any normal girl would do daily. I don’t sleep much so it is kind of hard keeping the skin in good condition. I think sleep is very important but if you don’t’ get enough sleep, then you just don’t.

What is your signature scent?
Is this about body wash or perfume? I normally use some sort of rose and milk body wash, but not necessarily the same brand all the time. Otherwise if we’re talking about perfume then I wear two perfumes on a regular basis on alternative days of course. I’ve loved for a few years now Anna Sui Secretwish and Giorgio Armani City Glam.

How do you pamper yourself?
Nothing really, a facial mask every two months isn’t really over the board. I mean I know someone who does it every week. I treat myself to shopping very often though and I always end up buying a lot.

Finally how do you have a beauty philosophy?
Not a single clue!
Beauty is in many forms in my opinion and for example makeup is a way of enhancing ones beauty. I don’t really know how else to answer so I guess I can’t really elaborate on those kind of thing.

I think my answer completely sucks. I am sorry but it is the first time ever doing such survey and it is so hard in my opinion! I never thought about some of the things that the questions above had asked me.

I’m supposed to tag people but so many of you guys have already been tagged so I’ll just leave it to those who wants to participate and go ahead to do it.

Broken Favourite Eyeshadow and Modelista Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Hope all my beauty followers are having a great weekend, mine started off a bit too exciting and thus I’m hung-over at the moment. Partied too much for a Friday night, especially when I was already super tired from working day to night.

Anyway I just wanted to share a quick tip (I’m sure you probably seen this somewhere), on how to save your favourite broken eyeshadow. I was devastated when I dropped one of my favourite single eyeshadow onto tiled floor. I was so upset because it got broken to little pieces and to make it worse I haven’t seen this colour in the collection since I bought it a few years ago.

One of my favourite eyeshadow is from Max Factor, 128 Passionate Plum and clumsy ol’ me decided to drop it. Anyhow I ventured to a cheap budget store and bought myself some of these craft containers. That’s right, you probably guessed it right I just poured the loose eyeshadow into the container and with a craft knife I scraped out the rest of the product still intact to the eyeshadow pan. Wah Lah! Now I can use it again without having to open it and have a heap of product fall out and be wasted. Quick and simple solution.

These containers come in all sort of sizes and quality. I got some really cheap ones, but I think next time I might go to an actual craft store and spend on some that a little better in quality.

Don't forget to lable the containers though! I just use these white tab labels you can get nearly everywhere that sell stationery and write the name of the product on to stick to the side.

Anyway to the better part of the post, is of course more review on nail polishes which is something I’ve gotten into buying lately. I went to Target (Australia) and was browsing through the cosmetics section when I saw Modelista was having 40% off their products and thought I give them a shot.

Original prices for these nail polishes are $8.95, but I got them for $5.35 each. Seems reasonable for nail polishes if you live in Australia right?

Colours I bought were….
Bling Bling
On Location – Santa Monica
On Location - Mykonos

I’m sorry, but I find them still overpriced after trying them out. I mean the colours are nice, but to have to apply 4 coats of the colour to get a decent colour build is kind of ridiculous to me. To top it off, it is slow drying so it’ll take you forever to do four coats of the colour and to think I also do a clear top coat too!

The polishes are very runny, kind of like a very watery liquid that looks like it’ll just slide off. First coat of the colour was ridiculously clear and I thought I wasn’t applying enough. I was wrong that’s just how the product is and I am definitely not like them much. They do however have a nice selection of colours and if you have the patient to 4 colour coat you probably wouldn’t mind them.

Compared to my usual Rimmel that only require 2 coats and for some colours at most a third light coat, I think the price for Rimmel is more affordable even if the quantity is a bit less to the Modelista ones.

Anyone else tried Modelista Nail Polishes? What do you think about them?

I have currently 28 followers, which means I’m only 22 followers away from my first giveaway. Excited and can’t wait until I actually reach 50! I’ve been collecting things for the giveaway too :)