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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mio Piccolo Palette?

Mio Piccolo? What in the world is with the name right? Never heard of it? Neither had I. I got this palette and one more in the purple/blue shades from mum 2 years ago when she went on her trip to Hong Kong. So these are something I unearthed from my clutter of cosmetics from my recent clean out! It’s a Japanese brand so the shadows are very silky smooth and soft. Pigmentation is also good, not great like the MAC ones for example but still good.

I remembered this palette in particular because at one stage I was in love with the peach colour in the collection. That’s why it’s been heavily used compared to the other shades. Anyway was up early in the morning and it was a gloomy day so I didn’t have natural lighting to take photos.

I ended up doing a look using the palette, something simple and quick to do.

without flash
Just noticed i left the peach tag out. It was all over the lid to begin with :p

without flash

with flash

with flash

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