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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ecotools and mini Red Earth haul.

Bought these ones sometime ago and then the computer died and I had to fix it. Currently my internet is slow too because I used up my quota so it gone kaput. Well my internet will reset early June so it won’t be too long before it is up to speed again.

This is the first time I’m trying some by Ecotools. I’ve seen them around for some time now, but because they were never big I never really paid much attention to them. That was until Priceline had a sale on them! I bought the set that includes the little bamboo holder, instead of the same set with the bag. They were both the same price but I chose the holder over the bag. It wasn’t like the bag was pretty or anything, and I hardly carry brushes that big in my bags.

Ecotools are a planet friendly company so the products they make have low impact on earth’s resources. Thus they used Bamboo for the handles since it is a sustainable plant. Also listed on the back of the box is that the synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free and sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminium. Didn’t get to test them in the store since they’re all pre-packaged, but by looking at them closely I cold see they were going to be soft!

They were absolutely smooth and soft and I loved running the brushes on my face while testing it. They were great and I’m glad I actually bought them, however they don’t really have much of a range of brushes so there isn’t much I can spend on them. Perhaps they’ll make a little more in the future when their products start selling more. The set came with;

Blush brush
Eye shading brush
Angled eyeliner brush
Lash and Brow groomer
Concealer brush

While still at Priceline I quickly browsed the makeup section and nothing seems to be on sale except for Red Earth. I missed the old days back when I was a young teen when they used to have stores around in Perth. They all closed down long long time ago and since then I haven’t really seen them around. Priceline in Australia is currently a store that stocks some of their products. Not much but a decent amount I guess. They are pretty pricey so that’s probably why I haven’t bought any since now. A good 50% off the entire range was good! Still pretty pricey but affordable so I picked a few quick things since the display shelves were quite empty already. I must have gotten in too late!
I picked up their last eye primer on the self, and the tester was missing so I had no idea what it looked like or felt like. When I finally got home and opened it, it was a yellow cream kind of base. It reminds me of the Benefit one, that lemon something. I did try it the next day and it’s not bad at all, but it’s pretty flat so doesn’t really hold all that much product. I think original price was $24 and I got it for $12. I’m not sure I would consider purchasing thins one again; there are better eye primers for nearly the same price as the original price. So something I would have to think about again. I mean it does blend nicely and it does smooth out nicely as well and holds quite a bit. Besides the nice packaging I’m not sure about the price for it.

I also got this face primer, it’s a green base one which helps conceals red blemishes (which I need since I have heaps!). It’s smooth and it’s blendable but I don’t feel it actually really helps that much with blemishes.

Last two were lip glosses, these two colours are something I’ve been looking for. I like these kinds of colours and the last one I had I lost. They’re really slim and light so good to carry around, but they’re rather thick and sticky and not to mention they smell bad. It’s that typical chemical smell! Definitely not surprised with the smell, there are too many out there like that. The colours are nice though, so I guess I wouldn’t mind using them, just don’t smell it.

Have anyone else used Red Earth cosmetics or Ecotools before?
What was your experience with them like?

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