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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long absence...

It's being way too long since I've logged into my blogger account.  It seem like yesterday that it was everyday that I would be logging in or posting so often that I had so much free time.  I miss the blogging world dearly and I definitely miss reading blogs at the same time.  I've missed you all and I thank you for the continous support you guys give me.  I appreciate it very much.

My journey through makeup school has being a rollercoaster.  I've developed a love/hate relationship with the current course.  Many experiences, love, laughter and joy but there was many times I cried and bitch that I feel like i'm getting completley burnt out.

Anyway I'm surviving and I'll keep moving forward no matter how heavy the weight is on my shoulders.  I believe in myself and I am determined to graduate with my Diploma.

Today I did a location photoshoot for school and it was awesome fun.  A chance for us to explore and have some fun with the makeup.  A time for us all to have fun and do something we want with makeup, hair and clothes. 

I went for a doll theme and I can't beleive how creepy some of the photos had turned out.  My model was gorgeous and she pulled it off great.  I hope to get photos soon so that I can share them all with you.  I would most likely be posting those photos on my other blog to keep all my professional stuff together (

I've missed so many makeup looks that I feel the need to share with everyone.  Here are some sneak peaks.

severed hand.... that is my hand altered and dressed... creepy