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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Late updates and some photos to share & sneak peeks!

 Long time no update.  It's wedding season and I'm absolutely flat out working 7 days a week now.  I get so exhausted I just go straight to bed or want to laze around and have some quiet "me" time.

I have so much instagram photos and just general photos to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy them and look forward to some sneak peeks from photoshoots.  Unfortunately I am not allowed to release the official photos just yet, but will definitely share with everyone when I can.

You find there is a lot of food pictures.  Some of you probably know I'm a complete foodie and I love eating regardless how much I shouldn't and how I should really cut down on it.  However growing up with such wonder chefs as parents I live my life eating.  I value the moment I absolutely enjoy the food and beverages, I'm in a completely different little world when I'm eating and I'm always grateful to have friends and families who I can share my food with with :)