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Monday, April 28, 2014

Think Positive to Achieve Positive Results!

I generally work 7 days, sometimes less but rarely.  As a freelance makeup artist I'm always running from one location to another.  It keeps me on my feet and I return home absolutely exhausted.  However I'm happy, I'm loving my job and where I'm taking myself these days.  I may stress when working, but the level of this stress and the stress I used to get as a tax accountant can't compare.  It's not the same and even though I'm working more hours and days now, I feel I'm handling my daily life so much more.

I'd be lying if I say it's a breeze, because it's not and I will say now that in every line of work you'll get difficult customers/clients.  However with a job you love and enjoy that issue/difficulty/obstacle is actually a lot easier to deal with or solve as compared to a job that makes your life miserable.

I was just told today after attending a Makeup Masterclass by the amazing Australian Celebrity Makeup Artist Dale Dorning "When you think positive you achieve positive results, if you're thinking negative the results turns out negative..."

Dale Dorning and I

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sneak Peek: Maddy Anderson Photoshoot with Fifi's Model Academy

Been absolutely busy even though it is the Easter break I don't really get much of a break myself.  Will be taking two days off to rest and then it's back to work again.

Spent a whole day with a young and beautiful model at Fifi's Model Academy on Saturday and already there are some sneak peeks of the photos that were taken.  Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Photographer:  Fifi Robinson @ Fifi's Model Academy
Model:  Maddy Anderson
Hair and Makeup Artist:  Mandy To

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe Easter break!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Karolina Couture Lingerie: Tuscan Dreams - Look Book

Back in February I had an opportunity to work with a Lingerie Designer, which is a first for me and her pieces were all so pretty and delicate.  Absolutely gorgeous lingerie that I kept feeling them when I was supposed to be focused on doing hair and makeup.

Designer:  Karolina Stysiak @ Karolina Couture Lingerie

Photographer: Natalie Blom @ 14th Frame Photography

Model: Dorota Dancewicz

Hair and Makeup:  Mandy To