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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hair Crazy...

Been over booked too much recently and not enough ME time, resulting in a very cranky, snappy and quiet Makeup Artist.

Also loaded in my intense 2 day hair workshop into the busy schedule and went a little hair crazy.  I swear when it comes to learning how to do hair I absolutely struggle and go nuts trying to shove knowledge into my brain.  However I survived and it was very rewarding and worth the time and money and all the craziness it gave me.  I'm now producing hair I've never though I would produce and learning the tricks of the trade had made life so much easier.  I work so much faster now in Studio work when it comes to hair and can whip curls out like lightning... ok ok probably not that fast, but seriously way faster than before.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Overworking... not much social life...

Here I am again after... yeah I don't even remember when it was the last time I updated the blog.  I swear I've been so busy that I'm feeling so tired and physically drained that... I just might be ending up in hospital again!  Hopefully starting this month of August I'll a little bit more "ME" time and actually go eat properly and get some decent sleep.  None of this cramming last minute bookings into my schedule and skipping lunch or dinner or breakfast thing that is going on very frequently.

Among all of this craziness with a charity event I did about a week or two back, which I must add was crazy and very time pressuring.  I managed to squeezed in a tad bit of a social life or break... I think.

I'm addicted to buying hi-top sneakers again and in particular Adidas ones too.  I haven't owned one since Highschool but I think from now on they're going to be many more of these type of shoes to come.