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Mandy is the woman behind Hair and Makeup overload.  A blog that was started up a couple of years ago as a hobbiest and now had become a fully qualified Makeup Artist who can also style hair.

Back in 2010 Mandy who had been in the Accounting industry for a few years already had become a person who thought outside the box.  Being stuck in the office looking over files and making a living as a tax accountant was becoming something very miserable in her life.  Boring career, long hours, average pay, loads of stress and pressure, but wonderful boss and colleagues had made it bearable for a long 7 years of Tax Accounting.

2010 became the year she pursued her part-time study in makeup artistry, completing a Certificate II in Makeup services then moving on to complete a 6 month full-time Diploma in Specialist Makeup services where she had learnt from beauty to fashion to theatre and even Special Effects makeup.  Unsatisfied she moved on to complete an Advanced Makeup Course/workshop for a good 10 weeks to further improve her knowledge and skills in beauty and fashion makeup artistry.

Not a day goes by without learning something new or finding new products or techniques to test and apply to work.  Mandy's career had taken off and now specialises in Photographic, Fashion and Bridal makeup artistry.  Everyday is a joy for Mandy who is meeting new clients everyday and new talents in the industry located in Sunny Perth, Australia.

Mandy is also a makeup artist in Perth that provide airbrush makeup to her clients and have been specially trained to apply Asian/Korean/Japanese makeup styles.

Early 2011 after a lot of consideration and research, Mandy embarked on a new path.  Hair styling was now something she wanted to offer to her clients for a better convenience.  She is professionally trained at the school she studied makeup artistry with however being a student who strive to improve and provide quality services she was not happy with the teaching and results she had obtained for the short course.  She finally found and met her mentor Brigid Grace, owner of Total Brides in Perth and from there had learnt hand ons hair styling that is suited for bridal, photographic and fashion work.