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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confession of a Shopaholic

A very random post because I’m too lazy to go editing photo and putting the watermark on them at the moment. My no-spending on cosmetics budget didn’t even last a week! To be exact and make it an embarrassment it lasted like a day. I’m so bad, I can’t stop buying cosmetics and I hate it when I walk away without buying what I want. It makes me feel like I have regrets later, like I won’t be able to get it later or I’ll feel like an idiot for letting it bypass.

I like spending and I know in a lot of people’s point of view it’s a big problem. Where do I get the money? How can I buy so much? Why buy so much when you can’t use them all?

To be honest, I work two jobs thus I can spend that amount. So nothing comes free everything I review or use for looks and what not are all my hard earn money. In order to satisfy my passion for make up and what not I work more to provide myself more. I’m sure a lot of the other girls/guys are doing the same thing. I do use the stuff I buy otherwise I don’t buy them. I even have foundations to suit my sin condition on a daily basis. My skin is quite dry yet at some point it can have a lot of red blemishes. I’m obsessed with bags, I love bags so much I have so much its scary. My mother once told me I could open a store with all the bags I own; hence she steals them to use (hahaha). Most my eyeshadows are bought on the basis on the prettiness of the colour or it was a colour to die for. So I know it sounds wasteful, but I do use them and I have girlfriends who from time to time like me to do their make up. I don’t buy them for the purpose of my friends to use, they provide their own but sometime their limited makeup doesn’t suit me so I use my own. I do clean and disinfect my brushes before using them on anyone else.

Anyway today I stepped into Myer and I thought it was time to get a new foundation, concealer and powder. So I did! I bought Lancôme this time round since I had a few recommendation that their foundations are quite good. I spent so much that I felt bad, but then I felt better when the young lady said I get a gift pack and a $20 Myer Beauty Voucher to use in June for spending over $75 on Beauty products and Cosmetics. It definitely soothed my heart and my wallet, but it only means I’ll be buying more later in June!

So anyway to all the Aussie chicks if you’re reading and you haven’t been to Myer yet, get in quick. It’s a limited time over in May and you can buy any beauty/cosmetic unless stated otherwise by Myer, if you spend $75 or more you get a $20 voucher in return to use on beauty stuff.

A lot of the cosmetic counters were doing those little promotions things; I think they do them all year round. Lancôme was giving out free tester sizes gift packs and I thought they were cute. It was a minimum spend of $75 and some people might think it is so much but sometime you only buy maybe one or two things and it’s over already.

I tried on the foundation and stuff from Lancôme (very friendly service), before purchasing so don’t be afraid to ask them if you can try it on. I normally go with no or very little make up on when I plan to buy stuff. In the last week I also spent money on stuff from Ecotool, Red Earth, Body Shop, Drugstore cosmetics…

So there are a lot of reviews coming. On the other hand I was cleaning my vanity corner and realise I’ve only used my Manly 120 palette like 2 or 3 times. So lately I’ve been playing around with it.

Anyone had people tell them they’re wasting money on something they love? Had anyone ever gotten people telling them directly that the way they spend their money is wrong? Leave a comment it would be nice to share the experience.

Summary of upcoming posts on this blog:

• Lancôme – Foundation, Concealer, Powder + Gift pack
• Red Earth – Eye primer, and lip glosses
• Ecotools – Brush set
• Some drugstore cosmetics
• NYX collection and swatches and review
• How I organise my Vanity and other ideas


  1. I've never had anyone outright tell me the amount of $ I spent on something was wrong (even from my husband who shares my bank account!), but I completely understand feeling remorseful for the amount of money I spent. It's right up there with having said something completely inappropriate to someone and feeling embarassed about it later. The only comfort I can give you is just to say that if it brings you joy, it wasn't a waste. If you can share it with someone else and bring them joy (like you do through this blog), it's not wrong. I'm all for saving money, but try not to be too hard on yourself. Keep up the good writing! :o)

  2. thanks chelsea! yeah i can't believe ppl were telling me directly the amount of $$ i'm spending is wrong. i was shocked myself. I had strangers mumble about how much i was spending while at the register! how rude is that?
    but yeah i also think whatever i buy or spend on is what i like and what i want and i like to share it with friends and families and with everyone here on my blog.


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