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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rimmel Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

Just popping in to share a haul not bought by me, but by my beautiful mother. She spoils me I tell you guys and nothing is better than a mother who knows what you like. She was shopping by herself one day while I was at work and she saw some nail polish by Rimmel on sale. I think she said she bought them for AUS $5 each, probably not the cheapest but a pretty good price. Some people don’t like using Rimmel’s nail polish but I quite like them. However I think you need more patient with them, and knowing me I’m not a very patient person. However I use a hair dryer to dry them faster anyway, it doesn’t matter to me I guess.

Anyway she bought a total of eight polishes; seven of them are from the 60 seconds range and one from the I (heart) lasting finish range. What amaze me is she didn’t get any colours that I already have. I love the colours she picked out as well!

The Star Kissed shade, which is the pink one, has glitter in it so it dries all rough and bumpy, but if you apply a clear coat over it afterward it comes out nicer. The swatches all only have two coats on them; I think some need three to bring out the colour like Euphoria and Desert Beauty could use another coat for better colour payoff.

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