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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mini MAC Eye Shadow Haul

Came back from a holiday feeling a little hurt in the bank account didn’t stop me from shopping. Well I just hurt my bank account again and I can’t believe I couldn’t resist buying MAC eye shadows. They weren’t even on sale, but something just drew me in when I walked passed the stand in Myer. Should note to self to not walk by any makeup stands for a while if I want to start saving up a bit of money again.

Anyway in a way I’m glad I bought the 12 eye shadows, I love the colours and I love MAC! The colours aren’t any limited edition ones, just the standard ones you can get at any MAC stall.

I started off with some brown and a gold that was so pretty when I tried it on my hand that I just had to buy it. I don’t ever remembering using gold ever in my life, so I hope I find some way to use it. Colours I got are; Goldmine (8), Patina (09), Satin Taupe (21) and Brun (10).

I did a swatch of each colour for you guys. They were so soft and smooth I was so in love with them I wanted to use them more. Now these are definitely pigmented, no doubt about it and love love love the quality of the shadows.

I ventured off to one of my most favourite colours of all time. Purple and one pink even though pink isn’t really my colour. Colours I got are; Stars N’ Rockets (14), Beautiful Iris (15), Purple Haze (4) and Crème de Violet (24).

Love blue, but never really ever wore blue on my eyes before. I find it hard to use because if not done properly I think it can look really tacky. However I’ve seen people use blue and it just stunning how nicely they used it. I think I need to learn how to make blue a compliment to your face and outfit. The green was something I chose out of randomness and I can’t explain even now why I chose it. It’s such a bright colour that I highly doubt I would be using, but then again bright colours attracts me. Colours I got are; Freshwater (7), Tilt (6), Moon’s Reflection (22) and Juxt (1).

I can’t wait to buy more MAC shadows, but not anytime soon I think. I must restrain myself after such a big spending.

Disclaimer: I purchased every product mentioned in the post with my own money and I’m not being paid to review any items nor am I affiliated with the companies. These are just my honest opinions.


  1. Your swatches make me want everything in the first pic... including patina! It looks so nice on you, then I remember how pale I am.

    Where did you get these from again? Juxt looks... odd... unless they changed the color. I own it and it's like a light goldy green.

  2. i got them from a MAC stand in a department store. The Juxt colour i think out of all of them didn't come at that good. It is a goldy green colour. i didn't notice until you just mentioned it. I guess the camera didn't really capture its true colour. Don't worry i'm quite pale on the face too so i find some colours don't suit me. Patina was the first colour i picked out...


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)