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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Organisation Tip #1

Hi guys I’m thinking of starting a small series where I post about some tips on organisation for makeup and beauty products. It’s kind of like updating once in a while when I find new ways to organise my makeup.

Anyway I thought I share this with you guys and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen other people do them too. I was shopping and I popped into the shop Thingz temporary sale store to have a quick browse. I never thought I would come out buying cutlery trays for $4.99 each. They only had 3 so I only bought 3, but it would have been great if I could have gotten another 2 or 3 more of these trays. The quality is really good and the size of the tray is great too.

It has the grip on the bottom so I didn’t lay out my own grips to stop products from sliding all over the place. Originally I don’t like using my blue drawers under my table, because the products would be sliding all over the place and it was hard to use to organise small objects like eyeshadows and pigments.

This little simple cutlery tray did the trick, it is a perfect fit in the tray and a great size for storing eyeshadows and pigments too!

Only $4.99

They’re handy because if you’re every changing the organisation around you can just pull out the whole tray and the makeup neatly organised is still going to be neatly organised as it was.  I love this new find and will be looking out for more trays and containers to use as storage for my growing collection.

Here are some photos of how I used them.

Eve Pearl, Majolica Majorca, Jesse's Girl, MSCHIC, NYX, Savvy, Bourjois, Prestige, etc

Most of my eyeshadows are stored neatly into the sections of the cutlery tray and I like how it is so easy to grab what I need instead of flipping through drawers to find what I want.

Jesse's Girl Pigments, Sleek, NYX

This one is my absolute favourite!  Majority of the pigments are all in here now instead of my little black office drawers on my table.  I even turned them upside down and sideways so I can see the colours and grab the ones I want without having to flip through.

MSCHIC Face Canvas, Eve Pearl Anti-shine, MSCHIC pigments, Facial Cream

I used the third tray to store a bit of my pigments that didn’t fit into the other tray, but also my primers, powder, concealer, blushes, creams and liquid liners and sample size mascaras.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully it gives you guys and idea on how to store your makeup.


  1. You have a ton of pigments! I agree using the kitchen organizer is great for makeup. Sometimes you can find them at the dollar store.

  2. great idea!! I use the ones at the dollar store for my blush and pigments too

  3. i wish we have the dollar store where i live :(
    i went to those cheap places and they had the cutlery trays for $4 but they had forks, spoons and knives in them :S i didn't want to buy it with the stuff in it. i just wanted the tray alone lol so i've been hunting for one for a long time now :)

    Funny thing though, i was never really big on pigments but i slowly hauled in a lot over the last couple of months :p

  4. This is great! I use a lot of similar tools from the dollar store as others have mentioned. Great idea for a series!

  5. wow! this is very convienient and orgaznied! Love that this shelf is affordable

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  6. Wow! Now that's what i call an awesome make-up collection!


  7. thanks shineyglam!
    it's only a part of my collection since i was only focusing on how i store them as of recent :)

  8. Sorry for leaving a comment on an old post but this is such a great tip! Thanks for that.

  9. @M: dont worry i read all comments even if it is on an old post. It means ppl are actually reading my blog


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