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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn/Fall Inspired EOTD

Australia is going into spring so I do feel a tad odd do a look based on Autumn/fall inspired, but this look is for Turtle Beauty 160 Followers giveaway. I thought it would be fun and then I could post an extra EOTD on my blog as well.

I don’t’ have a photo of where my inspiration comes from, but when I think of fall I pick the leaves falling from the trees. The orange, brown and green colours that all mix together is a very nice combination. It somehow makes me feel kind of warm as well.

Here is how I do colour combination, I don’t think I ever mentioned it ever on my blog that I actually swatch eyeshadows onto a white card to find the right combinations I want to wear on my eyes.

My swatches while picking out the colours for this look

This look is indeed wearable and nothing outrageous or dramatic. I’m not a fan of orange I have to say and when I first applied the orange on my lids I was thinking it was going to be too bright. However in the end I think the colours worked out pretty well.

Products used…

all products used for this EOTD

Estee Lauder Eye shadow base

MSCHIC Eye shadow in Gloria – bright shimmer/glitter orange

NYX Eye shadow in True Taupe

NYX Eyeshadow in 24 Karet

NYX Eye shadow in Skin

Rimmel Mono Eye shadow in 084 Saucy Mint

#1 is for the first half of the lid
#2 is for the second half of the lid
#3 is for the crease and outer V
#4 is used for brow highlight and inner eye corners
#5 was placed on the lower lash line

Rimmel Mono Eye shadow in 214 Jet Black – lightly shaded in the brows

Coastal Scents Gel Liner in True Black

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Chi Chi Glitter Eyeliner in Get down and boogie

no flash
with flash
left eye with no flash

Right eye with no flash but white light
More clear photo using close-up function on camera

Left eye with no flash
clearer picture using close-up function on camera
This is completely beauty/makeup unrelated but I just had to share this photo. It’s a photo of the little fluffy ball that is very important in my life. Meet Miss Coco, half Bichon Frise and Pekingese. She’s currently 9 years old and she likes to sleep/nap in the bathroom so we put a pet bed in there for her. This is a very rare sleeping photo of her since she hates the camera. She has an under bite and just recently recovered from being run over by a cyclist. I cried because I was in Hong Kong during March/April when she had that accident. I hope that cyclist feels guilty for the rest of his life after leaving my dog in a bloody mess! You should have paid for the medical fees you asshole!

Miss Coco taking her daily afternoon nap in the bathroom
Ok I’m signing out now and only 5 more followers until the first giveaway :)


  1. aaawww!! That dog is seriously cute! And I love the make up! So cute! :)

  2. thanks beatrice from dropping in. My dog is getting old so she sleeps alot nowadays but normally it is so hard to get a sleeping photo of her.

  3. awww how cute is that dog! I love your makeup here, I like that you added the mint colour on your lower lash line, looks lovely!

  4. the mint colour was added at the end because i thought the green would give it a brighter look... kind of like a pop of colour along with the orange and browns...

    i know... old dogs can be cute too :p been a part of the family for 9 and half years now...

  5. Sorry to here you had a bad Monday,thank goodness we are not alone though! lol :D Thanks for stopping by. Love the orange, you should add some black smoey eyeshadow to it. I am a sucker for a smokey eye! lol . :D

  6. Thanks beauty addict!
    i'm beginning to love my eyes

    Hi J!
    we all have our fair share of bad mondays, mine was just horrible that's all. The week is already getting better :)
    i always do smokey eyes so i was trying to stay away from it, but you just popped a new idea in my head. i'm going to try attempt an orange smokey eye look in a couple of days. never tried that combo before :)


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)