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Thursday, September 23, 2010

UPDATE and some online deals from online shops

You guys are awesome!!
I'm up to the 50 followers mark.

I will get around to posting about my first ever giveaway in the next couple of days.
Thank you guys so much for the support since I've started blogging at the end of January this year.

Anyway just wanted to share some deals from online shops that had sent me some promo ads to my email.

First one is for any ELF Minerals fan, cos it 50% off!

Eve Pearl is giving away free eye palettes when you spend over $100

Haute Look is having a sale on Lorac products! Ends Friday 9/24,  8:00 am PT

Anyway happy shopping to anyone who is taking advantage of any of these special offers or sales :)  I can't shop from ELF or Haute Look but I still like sharing with you guys in case some of you forget or might be interested :)


  1. I heard that eve pearl has an awesome under eye concealer

  2. @CopyCat YES! Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer is THE BEST in my opinion. I've been using it for some time and just ordered a second one through HauteLook.

  3. @CopyCat: Yes! i agree with Jackee, the salmon concealer is indeed a great under eye concealer. really creamy and smooth. easy to blend too :)
    tho i have to say it's expensive but maybe you can get it cheaper somewhere :)


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