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Monday, September 13, 2010

Chi Chi Haul Part III – Glitter Nail Polish Pack

Final instalment of the Chi Chi Haul. I haven’t used the mascara enough to give a proper honest review so I skipped that out and left it for another time when I finally start using.

The gift pack is originally $19.95, but like the previous two posts on the Chi Chi haul part I and II I purchased these items when they were having 20% off at Target. I personally think it is a very cute little gift if you’re looking to buying a present for someone. Nothing over the top and something girly if the receiver is a girl who loves nail polishes. The pack comes with a set of glitter nail polishes and I quite like them. They’re smaller than the original size nail polish you buy individually from the Chi Chi range, but that’s alright. Nail polishes normally last quite a while and it’s already a bargain getting 6 bottles in the pack.

Unfortunately they don’t have names for the colours included in the pack so I’m not actually sure if you can purchase them individually. I did some swatches and I’m pretty sure each nail only consists of 2 coats of the polish. It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t take forever to dry either.

All glitter nail polishes dries rough because of the particles so can’t complain about them right? I like the silver and purple one the best out of the 6 colours included in the pack. For the price they’re offering them at I have to say they’re pretty good and the quality is not bad either. The brush is just a standard brush that most other nail polishes come in.

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