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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Journey of my Eye brows...

I have no idea why I'm posting about my eye brows, but I'm just surprised how different they looked nowadays compared to what they used to look like a couple of months ago. They may not be completely perfect and I may have stuffed up somewhere along the way during my plucking journey, but I'm getting somewhere.
I normally just draw in a shape I plan to pluck with a white eyeliner and then put a cold pack over the are to kind of numb it. I find it less painful that way, I've seen people use those little knife shaver things but I haven't dared to buy one yet. I'm clumsy so I'm afraid of cutting myself with one or are they really safe?

I kind of stuffed up my left brow, but the above picture had be filled in so not that noticeable.
What do you guys think?
Do they look ok?
Any tips?


  1. Great improvement. I see there are still some areas that need fixing. I use the eyebrow knife cutter it works miracles. It doesn't hurt at all. Makes it very precise. Also i would recomment getting facial scissors and trim the hair with a eyebrow comb. That gives it a cleaner look. If you have anything look it up on youtube. Im sure there are tons of videons on how to! :] Good luck. Your almost there. Just make sure to keep the beginning square-ish. :]

  2. looks good,I'm growing mines out too reshape it too.

  3. thanks!
    yeah i need to fix up a bit and i actually stuffed the left one a litte. i'm not comfortable with trimming them atm. i think i need more practice but i do want to buy one of those blade things to clean up the brows. heard they're really easy to use and does a really good job


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)