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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beauty Style Haul from Priceline, yet another cheap makeup brand

I am back again with a second cheap makeup brand review that I picked up from Priceline. That’s right; I’m hunting around and most of the time at Priceline for cheap affordable makeup to buy. I have to tell you now, this brand is good and I’m not sure if you remember but I bought some false eyelashes from this brand maybe a month or two ago and haven’t tried them yet.

Yet again it was a sale and this time Beauty Style was having a 5 for $10 AUD on their “Petites: range so I went rummaging through the display. There isn’t much in this range and the Priceline I was at didn’t carry much of this range either. However two products caught my eyes, the Luxe Dust and the Glitter Cream Eyeshadow.

Luxe Dust is loose eyeshadow pigments and the packaging is so cute because it’s so small. Each plastic container contains 1.44g/0.05 oz of product in them which is alright for the price of $2.99 each otherwise like me I bought 5 colours that they had at that time for $10 AUD. BARGAIN! And I will tell you why by showing the swatches first!

So what did you guys think on first impression after seeing the swatches with and without a base?

The pigments are very fine and not lumpy or thick like some cheap eyeshadow pigments. The texture of it is silky smooth when applied onto the skin and look at how pigmented they are! I was liking them more as I swatched them on my arm. I can’t believe how well the colours pay off is from this brand. In my mind I instantly thought good value.

Now there were a couple of little things I didn’t like about them and it wasn’t the pigments themselves. It’s to do with the packaging. Sure the plastic bottle is super cute, but they put the name of the colour on the plastic wrapping that you peel off to open. Not very smart I have to say, so little me decided to get some white labels and cut them in half and write the name of the colours on them and then stick it to the bottom of each bottle. Perhaps they should consider putting the name of the shade on the actual bottle itself.

Now the second thing I don’t like is the hole where you deposit the pigments. It’s huge! It’s so hard to pour out small amount of product, because that’s all you need when applying it to your eyes. On my first go I poured out heaps and I was already been very careful. I think it might actually be better if they just didn’t restrict the bottle to such a hole. Maybe leaving the restriction out would be easier to retrieve colour with a brush in stead.

Beside the two things I give these pigments a thumbs up!

The glitter cream eyeshadows are not something very special, but for a price of $2.99 they are well worth the value. These cream eyeshadows are not a part of the “Petites” range so they didn’t have the 5 for $10 special on them. However all year round they’re only $2.99 and they’re very popular. I’m actually missing I think 2 or three colours. These were the only one they had when I was there and there wasn’t many of them. I tested them in the shop first and I thought there were alright so I gave them a shot.

The packaging is lip a lip gloss and even the applicator is like a lip gloss sponge applicator, only the sponge part is longer and flatter. The product actually smells quite pleasant, and it doesn’t have that gross chemical smell that puts people off. Guess that’s a bonus. However I do recommend you to shake the bottle before using it, because I find it applies better and it’s not as wet when applied. Each bottle contains 5g/0.17 oz of product so it’s a pretty decent size.

It’s not lumpy and it’s not hard to blend, however I found the white one (Superstition) doesn’t blend so nicely without a base, so a base makes a different for that one in particular. The others don’t really have much of an affect with or without a base. It felt a bit sticky when it was drying, but I think that’s normal when you’re using cream base eyeshadows. It also doesn’t take forever to dry and when dried it leaves a nice smooth surface, doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing the cream shadow on your skin at all.

I think the pigmentation was pretty good and you only need one dab from the applicator to get good colour pay off. I did realise one thing though and I’m not sure whether it’s odd or not. It dried a tad faster if a base is used for it, and I do recommend a base with it as the colour is a bit more intense since it doesn’t sink into the cracks of the skin and spread.
What do you think of the swatches above?
Do you do think it’s worth the money?
Have anyone else tried these products or any other ones from Beauty Style makeup range?

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