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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EOTD – 120 Manly Palette Creations #2

I’ve already done a green one and thought that from now on I’ll try doing EOTDs with the Manly 120 Palette that I always neglect. I think the palette itself is not that bad but I always forget about it until I start cleaning my makeup.

Anyway today I got home from work a little earlier than usual, so I took a shower and changed into something comfortable. Mum had only begun cooking so dinner looked pretty far away. I cleaned up my room a bit by picking up some clothes and putting away my makeup. So what after that?

I got bored, nothing on TV that I wanted to watch and no emails and didn’t feel like facebook or chatting online. What is better than playing with eyeshadows and so I came up with the idea of the 120 Manly Palette Creations. It seems fun and I think I would enjoy it when I have nothing better to do. This way I’ll have more eye looks to share with everyone and using something that is affordable.

Today wasn’t planned and thought I try some of the nice blues that were available, but however it turned out a little different to what I had in mind.

The colours used for this look are circle below in white, so if you don’t own this palette you can see and use substitutes that you have.

Hair was messy so i put my hood on since I was too lazy to fix it.

Fail cut crease!

so many dots on my face :(

should I had done the eyeliner thicker?

i edited this photo a little bit, just some contrast and colour balance in Photoshop. That's why this photo doesn't look so warm or yellow as compared the ones above.

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