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Sunday, June 6, 2010

EOTD/FOTD & Outfit of the day & new heels

Haven’t updated in a little while, but that long so I guess I’m forgiven?

Been busy at work and by the time I come home and I had dinner and showered, I feel so tired I just want to crawl into bed and sleep. That is exactly the way I did, hence no update for the blog as of recent. However today was a day I go out with two of my favourite girls and it the mid-year sale season so thought we check out what there is on sale? Nothing good so all I ended up buying were a pair of shoes. I’ll share some photos later at the end of this post.

Here is the look of the day, nothing hard and used drugstore products for the eyes.

First off as always do your concealer, foundation and powder as you would. I’ve used Lancôme today since the weather was sunny (until a bit later it got a bit gloomy). After that apply whichever eyeshadow base/primer you like. It doesn’t matter which one, the purpose is always to keep the eyeshadow colours vibrant and to stop it from creasing. For me it is a must otherwise I’ll have yucky oily looking creased shadow eyes.

I used Bourjois eyeshadows today, so you can probably get them from your local drugstore.

#48 Vert Petillant (green) – is used for the inner half of the lids
#17 Prune Intense (purple) – is for the outer half of the lids
#92 Gris Paillettes (greyish/black) – for outer corners of the lids, I think some people call that the outer V?
#16 Ambre Nude (champagne) – inner corner of eyes to brighten it up and a little bit on the brow bones.

After that I finished it off with;

Maybelline – Unstoppable eyeliner/traceur (Onyx)
Fairy Drops Mascara (purchased in Hong Kong from Sasa Cosmetics)

For my lips I kept it simple, just a simple light pink colour.

Maybelline – Color Sensational #005 Pink Sand
Noir Blanc – Lipgloss brillant levres #B433 (also purchased in Hong Kong from Sasa Cosmetics)

Outfit of the day was simple; it wasn’t exactly warm enough to be wearing summer clothes. With winter finally hitting Australia, the weather is beginning to get chilly and especially at night! No more short skirts or dresses, it’s time to pull out the warm clothes and of course the boots!

Can’t have winter without boots ladies! Trendy and they keep your feet warm and dry from the pouring rain.

Anyway felt like wearing something purple-ish, so I ended up with a simple magenta/purple kind of coloured dress and some lace leggings. Finished it with a simple grey cardigan and a nice gold belt. Of course I didn’t forget the boots, just simple flat heel boots that I bought last year from Target, for a bargain of only $30. Perfect for a shopping trip that is going to require a lot of walking and shoving through crowds.

my sexy lace leggings!

Forgot to take a photo with my bag so here it is, just a simple Gucci. Nothing extravagant, practical, holds a lot and it’s in a way still classy. Love this bag heaps and it’s the perfect colour for winter!

So as I was saying earlier, there wasn’t much I liked at the sales. I’m surprised myself because normally I buy heaps during times like these just to save money so I don’t have to pay more for something the same or similar to it. Instead all I ended up with was a pair of shoes that was only slightly discounted. However I fell in love with them.

Shoes are by Verali.
Style name is Grand
And they’re black satin in colour.

Look at how it blings!

So classy!

Definitely love!

Disclaimer: all products used or mentioned are purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies. I do not get paid to do reviews or promote their products.

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