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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Review and Swatches

Today I have to officially announce that I will be going on a no spending budget for a little while. So I probably won’t have much product reviews for a little while for you guys. I need to focus on saving some money for something important and I’m determined to do it this time round.

However today I do I have a review and some swatches for you guys on Shiseido Majolica Marjorca. I do have some other reviews but I’ll leave those for another day. Anyway today I’m going to review 3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 pencils. I’m not sure how familiar some of you guys are with these products. It’s really popular in some Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Thus these aren’t available everywhere so you may need to buy them online if you ever want to try. I got mine from Hong Kong as a gift from someone last year but I can’t remember from whom again.

I got 3 palettes from their Jeweling Eyes eyeshadow sets in pink (PK785), blue (BL381) and green (GR780). Refer to below for pictures and swatches that I’ve done with and without base to show how well the colours show. I’m sorry for some poor photos, but I’m in the process to looking for a new light and have not yet found the perfect lighting. Please bear with me for the time being and hopefully in the future I’ll have some better photos for you all.

If you’re looking for bright colours then these are definitely not for you. I find that these are quite light and the colours are not intense, but they are super shimmery so be careful when applying. You may end up with shimmer/glitter all over your face. My first impression when I swatched them was the smooth soft texture. It’s not chalky so it doesn’t break easily. It suitable to be used both night and day and if you’re wondering how those doll like looks are created. I heard majority uses shadows like these. They give off a cute impression and I love them because they’re great for daytime use when I want to keep it casual. On days like winter season when makeup doesn’t need to be so intense these are definitely a first choice for me. It’s enough to give you the right amount of colour yet also brighten and enhance your beautiful eyes.

I also got one of their Majolook eyeshadow palettes in the brown shades (BR788). Same texture and the colours are also not intense but they are definitely pigmented and silky smooth so glides on easily when applied to the eyes. The only different between these palettes to the ones above is that this one consists of one cream shadow which is the white one. The cream shadow is very soft and easy to blend when applied. I actually think it might be a pretty good base over a primer before applying the brown shades on top.

Next I own three Jeweling pencils in blue (BL503), red (RD505) and gold (GD807). Definitely easy to use, the tips are soft and creamy so it glides on so easily, however they do smudge easily so because when applying it. I recommend using a shadow of similar shade to set it if you’re using it as eyeliner. I like using these vibrant colours on my lower lashes most the time because it is easy to apply and can be smoothed out with a brush afterward. They are quite short and small so they probably won’t last very long if you use them quite often. They’re slightly smaller than a normal size eyeliner pencil.

Have anyone else used Shiseido Majolica Majorca products before?
If you have what were your experiences like?
Comments are welcome and I would love to hear from you guys on what you think about this post of even the blog in general.

Hoped everyone had a lovely weekend!

Disclaimer: all products mentioned for review are purchased by me and were not paid to be reviewed or tested. Opinions are solely based on my experience and may not be the same as anyone else’s.


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