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Friday, June 18, 2010

EOTD – Manly 120 Palette Look #3

Today I wore something I would never in my life thought I wear to work. However I was feeling rather good so I thought something new for work would be alright. The sun wasn’t even up when I woke up so I had to stick to artificial lighting. Unfortunately the winter season is definitely here and looks like I won’t be seeing much sun for a while.

Anyway I came up with the idea of doing looks using the colours from the Manly 120 Palette I bought a long while ago but never used. It seemed fun and it put my value worth to a good use.

I was never a big fan of gold when it came to eyeshadow. Not that I don’t like the colour. It’s a glamorous/elegant kind of colour; it actually reminds me of red carpet moments. However I never really thought it suited me or how to use it in a flattering way. Thus I experimented this morning since I woke up earlier than I usually would.

The colours used for this look was not complicated.

You can use whatever eyeliner and mascara you want, since they aren’t really that much of a big deal. However I did use a gel liner if you were wondering, it is a no name brand one I got from Hong Kong. It doesn’t run as smooth as the MAC or Bobbi Brown ones, but it was dirt cheap. Just a little too try compared to the brand names one, but I can work with it.

I put white on one third of the inner corner of the eye lids and then gold all over the rest of it. I used the brown to the outer v and to line the crease a little to give it more definition. Then I used the same white to highlight by dragging it down into the gold and brown, blending to soften the harsh lines. I also liner the lower lash with the gold to brighten up the eyes and then with gel liner I liner the upper line with a bit of a flick and the lower water line as well.

Excuse the red eyes, I didn’t sleep much and it was early since I woke up all of a sudden for absolutely no reason.

Sorry about the bad brows as well. Haven’t filled those in yet so they look really messy.

I used Chi Chi 3D magic lash mascara to finish the look. I think I still got to improve on lining my eyes. It’s pretty shocking what they turn out to look like. I guess I just can’t do lines very well.

Comments and tips are definitely welcome :)

Disclaimer: all products used are purchased by me and I am not being paid to use or review any of the products.

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