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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chi Chi haul and Nail Polishes Swatches

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Just wanted to share some photos of some Chi Chi products I picked up at Myer, using my free $20 beauty and skincare gift voucher when I bought my Lancôme stuff. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I might as well use it up.

I’ve never tried false eyelashes before so I’m going to change that and my first falsies are from Chi Chi. Not cheap I tell you but it does say you can use them up to 6 times if they are cleaned properly.

I got 2 pairs of the bat lashes (Full lashes)

And 2 pairs of the cat lashes (Demi Lashes)

I can’t wait to try them out, but I wonder how well I will be able to put them on without gluing my eyes together.

Next were just 4 nail polishes and I know I’ve never been a big fan of nail polishes but I thought why not. I did some swatches on the false nails left over from my mum’s kit.

The abnormally oversized nails that is, I couldn’t’ believe how big they come in and thought they be some good props to test the polishes.

I bought “Single White Female” and “Walk the Walk”

I also picked out “Merman” and “Moondust”

While I’m on the subject of nail polish I like to share two recent ones that I bought but didn’t mention.

Covergirl boundless colour 515 “Megawatt Mauve” and Rimmel I (heart) lasting finish 199 “Go Cobalt”

The last thing I picked was nothing new, it just Maybelline’s great lash mascara, but the waterproof one since it is winter and that means rain. Just to be one the safe side I want something that is waterproof, I’m definitely up for the experience of having mascara run down my cheeks.

Completely irrelevant to beauty, I picked up some really cute star lights from a cheap store and they call them mood changer. It’s really just lights that changes colour, but I thought they were cute and thought I would share. They currently sit on my Vanity table on either side of the mirror.

Disclaimer: I paid for the items mentioned in the above post and was not paid to review or promote their products.

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