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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Savvy by DB and SHE Loose Pigments Swatches and Review

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen that I’ve been buying Savvy’s Loose Mineral Eyeshadow when they go on sale for $2.99. Well with no surprise I picked up another 3 colours to share with you guys.

Swatches as usual…

Savvy by DB Mineral Loose Eyeshadows

With Flash

Without Flash

I’ve have been loving these loose eyeshadows because they’re cheap and good stuff. The pigmentation as the same the ones from before are great and it’s not large chunks but nice soft and smooth texture which is easy to blend. Packaging is as per normal like any other jar that carries pigments and loose powders.

On the other hand I am for the first time using a cosmetic and beauty brand called SHE. I always walk pass the displays in Priceline without much of a glance and because they were on sale I end up buying two of their colourful pigments. The exact name for them is SHE Australia Dusting Powders for those of you who are curious. So yet this is another Australian brand and I’m happy to test something that is local.

Let’s start off with swatches.

SHE Dusting Powders

With Flash

Wihtout Flash

First of all love the packaging and even though it is just a typical jar, I love who it is completely clear. Pigmentation of these dusting powders is lovely and with a base the colours are even more vivid than without. The pigments are quite fine and very smooth and soft when applied to the eyes. However I won’t say that blending them is great. They do blend but with some careful blending work.

These however are more expensive than the Savvy ones even at full price (which I had forgotten because I loose the receipt the minute I get home). Then again the colour range is not huge and the colours are a huge different from the ones that Savvy produces.

So that’s what I thought with a bit of comparison between the two brands.

What do you guys think?


  1. I love the plum one!


  2. @Savannah: I like the plum colour quite a bit too :)

  3. I just went into priceline for a pop in & found those loose pigments :) I got plum too & can't wait to see the looks you come up with it :)

  4. You should go to Priceline today ladies! The SAVVY by DB Pigments are on sale for $2.99 PLUS today only Priceline has a 20% off all cosmetics sale! How good is that?

  5. i just went! only picked upa few things that i needed and a couple of more little bits for my future giveaway. I was surprised there wasn't many ppl there even though they had signs all over the store about the 20% off cosmetics and skincare :p

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