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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday Floral OOTD and Update

I know I haven’t got much going on for my blog lately, that’s because I’ve been a bit busy as I’m looking up information on different beauty schools. That’s right I think I might be going back to studying but makeup artistry this time. I feel I can make a career out of it and I know at least it is something I will enjoy doing.

Anyway I thought I share my outfit of the day, not for today since it is working days now, but what I wore on Saturday to Pasar Malam. I wanted to keep it simple yet I wanted colours and the feel of spring in my. I’m not a fan of floral and believe it or not this dress was bought early last year and I’ve never worn it. It’s pretty bad, I buy clothes that look pretty and then I don’t wear them. I swear I have major shopping issues so I haven’t been buying much since I’ve gotten into action of wearing what I already have. I’ve cleaned out the wardrobe and there were so many stuff in there that still had the tags on them! However I feel better because the majority of my clothes are bought on sale.

This is what I wore on Saturday, something simple yet spring-ish. Nothing fancy and definitely nothing expensive. I thin my shoes were the most expensive out of all the items. I cut my head out of the photo because I took this photo before I did my hair and makeup!

Cardigan: Ally
Floral strapless dress: Target
Black Leggings: Target
Black Wedges: Daphne? from China
Just a closer look of the dress and the floral pattern.
Yes that is my phone and the bag I used that night.
Grey/silver Gemmed Clutch bag: Portman

I’m not one of those skinny girls who have the most perfect curves. I’m considered a bit over average but I think sometime you just have to love the way your body is. You should just wear what you feel comfortable in and not have to worry so much about losing weight constantly. Sure I would love to love some kilos, but it’s not everything in life. If you do ever plan to lose weight though, please don’t starve yourself!

Anyway I’d like to update you guys on things that I have planned for this blog.  Here are two photos of stuff I had stored away ready to be tested, reviewed and swatched.  However I can’t test and review too many things at once.  I tend to like to use a product for a certain time before I give an honest review of what I really think of it.

Pigments from Still Glamorous and mica from CS

Drugstore Products

I also got my September favourites to put up, but I haven’t gotten around to compiling that just yet. One other thing I just finished editing photos for is my list of skincare products that I am currently using. It was one of the suggestions from the giveaway answers that I got from a follower. (Told you guys I actually read and take note of things you guys say)

I also got my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments swatches done for you guys to use as reference. I own all 30 colours so I thought it would be useful for you guys to use if you ever wanted to purchase any from online stores where you can’t test or swatch them yourself. It would probably be an upcoming post, I just got to edit the photos and make them fit on the blog to reduce uploading time and to cut them down. Keep tuned for that if you’re interested.

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