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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wet N Wild Lipsticks and Coloricon

This is only a small part of my Crush Cosmetics order, and I’m finally getting around to reviewing some of the products.  Today I’ll be sharing my experience with you on my very first Wet N Wild products.  I ended up getting two lipsticks and a Coloricon which is an eyeshadow palette that I’ve heard good reviews about.

My very first Wet N Wild makeup :)

I don’t’ remember the names of the lipsticks and I can’t find my invoice, and the lipsticks don’t have names on them!  They’re very creamy and smooth and don’t smell bad at all.  They’re not matte colours and gives off a pearl kind of finish after application.  The pigmentations of the two colours are not that, but compared to NYX round lipsticks they’re not as good. 

The two colours I bought, but forgotten name and it isn't on the lipstick istself either :(

Warm light, without flash

White light, without flash

With flash

I also noticed that the life of them are rather short so I found myself reapplying them more often than I usually do when I wear lipsticks.  One major thing I didn’t like is not even related to the product but the actual packaging.  Love the fact it’s a clear cap so I can see the colour, but the fact it doesn’t retract completely into the tube is a bad thing for me.  I’m a clumsy person meaning I would potentially smack the cap into it and causing it major damage.

Clear cap :)
Doesn't retract completely into tube :(

Coloricon is a small palette consisting of 6 colours.

“Three matte and 3 highly pigmented effect shades that are sure to please the makeup minimalist and enthusiast alike.”

It comes in a plastic packaging which is actually quite sturdy and strong. None of that cheap soft plastic. It also comes with a cute sponge applicator and brush (even though I won’t use them, that’s not the point). The small soft brush however sheds like crazy!

Matte colours on the left, Shimmer colours on the right

The colour I picked up is “Lust” and other colours available for purchase are:




I had done swatches with and without base, with the top being without and the bottom being with.

Matte Colours without flash

Matte Colours with flash

Shimmer Colours without flash

Shimmer Colours with flash

The pigmentations are great, better than I originally thought and the texture is smooth and soft. Application is easy as it glides on smoothly and it very easy to blend as well. I love the shimmery colours more, but the matte are just as great and I would love to purchase the other colours available!

I did an EOTD using this palette and other products used are:

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner (Onyx)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara (Ultra Black)

Close up of my Left Eye

This photo makes my right eye look like it has double eyelid, when in reality I don't have any :p

With Flash

Closed eyes with Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash
 What do you guys think?
I'm definitely loving this eye palette!


  1. The last picture is so pretty! It looks airbrushed because it's so perfect! I hardly ever use eyeshadow because I'm so bad at putting it on it always ends up uneven!

  2. Thanks MJ
    don't worry i'm used to put eyeshadow on uneeven and then i realised it is because the shapes of my eyes are different and uneven itself. The more you practise the better you get at adjusting to how to apply eyeshadow to your eyes :)

  3. Oh I hate it when lipsticks dont do that. I always misjudge when putting the lid back on and then i end up creating a crevice > <!


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)